It’s cold! Last I checked it was only 11 degrees. But there’s snow, so that makes it worth it a little. I like snow and winter and all, becuase it’s pretty and snowflakes are amazing. But summer has got to be my favorite season, and not just becuase there’s no school. It’s warm and you can be outside all day and te sun is shining and you wish it was cold but then you take it back…. ahh. And this summer is going to be especially fun becuase I’m going t have a garden with vegtables and maybe some flowers, I haven’t decided yet, and also a pumpkin patch. I took the seeds from my Halloween pumpkins and saved them the right way so I can plant them in the spring.

But on to a different subject. It just makes it even colder to think of summer! I just finished reading Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke. It was really good, and despite the fact that they came very close non of my favorite characters died. Yay! I loved the ending. But then I couldn’t read anything else for like two days. Whenever I finish a really good book and then try to start another, it just doesn’t pull me in like usual, so I end up rereading the end ofthe other book like five times. Oh well.


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