It’s a School Day

Ah, Monday. Back to school again and all. I’m taking a short break right now, though, (it’s like eleven o clock, a.m. obviously) and then it’s back up there to history. I’m currently studying the Great Depression, which actually doesn’t depress me because I always wanted to study it but we never really got around to it in regular school. So this year it’s all 20th century history for me, hurrah!! :) I can’t wait to do art because Mom got me some acrylic paints and good painting paper and there’s some things I’ve been wanting to draw/paint for a couple days now. There was this great scene on a hike my dad and I took when we were camping. We go to the same camp every year around this time, and he and I always go on this five mile hike to this airfield thingy and then we hike the whole five miles back, so really it’s like a ten mile hike. Well, since we do the hike every year I know the trail pretty well, and one of my favorite parts of it is where you come out of the woods and you walk along these grassy hills, right on top of them, on this thin little path but you’re up pretty high and it’s just cool. This time it snowed, so the grass as all bent over and the hill and the clouds and the sky and the snow and the grass just looked really cool, but of course we didn’t have our camera. That always happens. I see something pretty or cool and then either I don’t have time to stop and take a picture or I forgot my camera entirely. Alas! But I remember the scene pretty well in my head. Also on the hike we saw a coyote! That was really cool because it looked sort of like a wolf and it just stood there, pretty close to us, probably sniffing the air and going, ‘oh great, humans’. Then he turned and sort of sailed off, and I say ‘sailed’ because it wasn’t really like running but it wasn’t really like just loping along either, it was graceful and swift but not super fast. When we got to the part of the trail he’d been standing on, we followed his tracks to the point where his path and ours separated, and then we hand to cross this frozen creek becuase the bridge was down. So yeah, that hike was really good and fun and interesting and… well, cold, of course. And I tripped on some ice and was awarded with a sore rear, but aside from that it was really, really nice to be out walking in the woods with my dad.   


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