Life is Good Today!

Today was my first play practice!!! I’m super excited now. I think I said before that I’m an Indian (as in Native American) dancer for the play (Peter Pan). This first thing was a lot of announcements and talking and sorting things out, then we read all the lines and listened to the songs like it was the real show except we were all sitting around. We don’t have a Nana yet, so there was much barking and whimpering from the peanut gallery, and also dancing around and war whoops and the like. o basically, it was a lot of fun. And I’m not the only homeschooler there! Hurrah! I’m absolutely giddy. And of course next week the real work begins: learning dances and songs, etc.  I’m happy I tried out for this. I didn’t get the part I really wanted, but this ain’t bad. Not bad at all. So now I get to go have fun whereas otherwise I’d be stuck inside becuase it;s winter and I have nothing to do besides the normal stuff…. Oh, the cleverness of me! I am clever! (I’m Flying plays) ‘I can swoop, I can soar, and what’s more I’m not even trying! I’m Flying!’ Yeah just had to get that little Peter bit in there. Ah, yes. Life is good. :D

But it’s snowing again. And it’s still really, really cold. 

Go figure.


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