Oh No, it’s Friday!

I usually like Fridays, except I have a cold and I have to get better by Monday, or preferably tomorrow because I hate to blow my nose in church. It’s totally silent right at the moment you’re nose is dripping and you have to sneeze and then it echoes and everyone looks… not fun. Alas. And I wanted to go to the library today but it’s almost closed, practically. It’s only 4:15 and the library closes at 6, but by the time I convince someone to go with me, then get ready, it’ll be too late becuase I take forever to pick out enough books for a week becuase I can read two every day. One is my average, though. Ha. Anyways, that means that every trip to the library I have to get out at least eight books. And that means that I read all the good books fast. But this library I actually haven’t grown out of yet. It’s brilliant, even if it isn’t very pretty. Hurray!!!! :o)


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