Awesome day today! We Indians learned our first dance at rehearsal today, and it is great! Everyone’s really nice and it’s pretty funny to watch the teacher lady do all the dances. So yeah. And I’m going bac k tomorrow, and the day after that, so YAY!!!! You would think it’d seem like a drag but I guess not for me. Except I have to be late tomorrow becuase of stupid dance! Grrr! Irish dance: I love it but it’s been driving me insane since our old teacher left and I have this new teacher. AND there is absolutely NO HEAT in this place, it’s above a restaraunt/bar thingy, and there’s heat in that place but none ion the upstaris rooms and it’s FREEZING!!! There’s space heaters but they don’t really help and this year we’re doing less actual hard work with lots of dancing and moving, it’s soooo slow, so I don’t even work up a sweat and yet my muscles still plague me if I don’t stretch. Go figure. Anyway, maybe I’ll convince my mom to let me leave early or something, even though it’s sort of a drive from dance to the high school, but I’m going to get no sleep at all tonight becuase I forgot to tell the teacher lady that I would be late, so I’m worried she’ll do all the important stuff before I even get there & then I’ll be lost and I’ll just go CRAZY!!! (Oooooh, I like using caps today, watcha gonna do about it?)

But anyway, enough complaining. I’m HAPPY cuz it’s going to be an awesome show, I just know it! nd it’s so much fun…. ah. The world is OK again.


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