Merely Conventional Signs!

I want to go bury treasure. It was in this book I read, some thing where people hide boxes all over the place and you go hunt them with a GPS. Except I don’t have a GPS, so I would probably just have to follow my internal compass, which is actually not too accurate. From our backyard I know where North is becuase my dad showed me, but one I’m off our street I hvae no clue where we are. I don’t even know the names of a lot of roads becuase I just sit there looking at all the ‘landmarks’ to know which way we’re going. Interesting landmarks: the dalmation statue on someone’s porch, the Robot House (long story), the basebll player statue in someone’s yard (at least i think it’s a baseball player, otherwise he just has a really large hand), the Pine Woods (aka a little yard with lots of huge pine trees growing in it), the Dirt Mound (construction that’s been going on forever and still is just a mound of dirt), etc. There’s more, but I can’t go through it all and sometimes it’s hard to describe. Anyways…. so I looked up this treasure-hunting GPS thing on the Internet, and I found out that there’s a bunch hidden right near me! Like, I could walk there (if I was allowed, which I’m not, unless I’m with a grownup and they might think I was crazy….) and we drive by some of the hiding spots all the time! I was mystified. I never even knew about this but apparently I’ve been walking past some of these (driving past, rather, as I said before) totally oblivious. It’s pretty cool, in my opinion. There was one I knew where it was just by the name of it and another I figured out with the clue and the help of trusty Google Earth. (*singing*) Like, O, M, G, I just got a man-i-cure, the sun, out there, is bleaching out my per-fect hair…. yeah that’s a little song/chant thingy we (my friends and I, and now my Mom) do all the time, when we say OMG… we have hand motions that go with it but obviously you can’t see them just reading the words. Anyways. How will I contain myself the next time we drive by the places? More specifically, the one place I found with Google Earth that is so close I can practically smell it? I wanna look and see what’s inside. I wanna sign my name in the little book and leave something behind and I wanna hide my own that I make. Not in our yard though– our 2 puppy dogs will dig it up, or else my brother will. But I can think of a good place where someone else can find it and be like, woah… It’s cool, like a secret society almost, becuase people like me who didn’t know about it being there would just walk by…. Oooooh, I feel a story coming on. Did I ever tell you I’m a writer? Well, I am. I wrote one book already and I’m trying to get it published, but of course I can’t stop thinking of new story ideas every day and this one is really neat! Anyways, maybe I will go see this hidden treasure box. Yeah. I think I will (otherwise I won’t stop wondering about it– curiosity might have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back, you know*) and maybe I’ll even hide my own and make a map to tell where it is, with clues and landmarks to use instead of longitude and latitude. (What’s the use of Mercatur’s North Poles and Equators, South Poles and Meridian Lines? ‘They are merely conventional signs!’)**

*More about this little rhyme: most people have forgotten the last bit (satisfaction brought it back) becuase someone (probabaly a grownup) decided to use it to say that curiosity is bad. But what the rhyme really means, in its full form, is this: Curiosity feels like it’s killing you, becuase you so badly want to know the answer. But once you do know, you feel great! Yes, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back and don’t you forget it!

**This rhyme is from one of the stanzas of ‘The Hunting of the Snark’ by Lewis Carroll. It’s a good poem. I forget a line that comes before ‘They are merely conventional signs!’, but you get the point. (‘Some maps are such shapes, with their islands and capes, so the crew would attest, we’ve got our Captain to thank, for he’s brough us the best, a perfect and absolute blank!’) I can remember stuff like that with no trouble at all. Odd, isn’t it? But fun.

“What’s the use of Mercatur’s North Poles and Equators, South poles and meridian lines?”               (now the crew says):

“They are merely conventional signs!”


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