Smartness = Awesomeness

Awesomeness! Okay, I just found out the name of the author I was telling you about in my previous post ‘Beddor and the Bard’– it’s Frank Beddor. So I guess not specifically English, but I’m happy I know that now. Anyhoo, let’s see…. oh yes. Yesterday was another crazy rehearsal for our play. We’ve been working on our (as the lady says) ‘show stopper’ Ug a Wug number. Oh. My. Gosh. It’s pretty hard, but a lot of fun. And yesterday we were informed as we drank water like people who’ve spent three days in a desert that we’re only halfway done. That’s good, and also not. What else? Well, I also learned about this composer guy yesterday called Schubert. I play the flute, so I was playing part of his Unfinished Symphony, and I asked my music teacher why it was unfinished. I thought maybe something interesting happened to him, like he was poisoned before he could finish. That’s not the case. But it was interesting to learn about him anyway. Sometimes he couldn’t get a job in aristocratic society because he was supposedly rather ugly, but there was a picture of him and I thought he was okay. I mean, at least he wasn’t wearing a huge wig and an angry expression… and his hero was Beethoven. He was buried by dear Ludwig, too. Which is good, because if he was buried by Mozart they would’ve thrown him in a pit and sprinkled this powdery stuff on him. (I saw that in a movie when I was still in regular school. So who knows, maybe it’s not true but it makes for a good show– they play the Requiem music and it’s all dark and cloudy… yeah.) And then at rehearsal we were talking about how you get dizzy and that liquid stuff in your ears that keeps you balanced. So I feel very smart right now. Plus I remembered what ‘facetious’ means. One of my favorite words, although I have a list of favorite words– I have about sixty. Yes, I have problems. But you would, too, if you were me. I read constantly, my mom used to be an English teacher and my dad always talks in big words. Plus some words are fun to say or they just look funny. Or how about the word ‘extraordinary’. It means, like, out of the ordinary, right? Then why is it extra-ordinary, which seems like really ordinary? It’s weird. A conundrum. (see me sneak that other favorite word of mine in there? Oh, I am good.) (*singing*) You know you really got a friend–a friend!– we’ll be true blood brothers till the end, blood brothers till the end! I wonder if I’ll ever get that song out of my head. Ug. Tee-hee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Well, I bet you’ll be interested (or not) to know that my Girl Scout troop is going to World Friendship tomorrow. My mom is our leader. World Friendship (in case you don’t know– in case you heard ‘Girl Scouts’ and thought, yummy! cookies!)  is where a bunch of troops in one area come together and they each represent a country. They make and sell crfts and food that have to do with the country, and usually we put on a skit. This year we’re being China, so we’re doing a skit of two songs of Mulan. And we’re raffling off this parasol thing that I want becuase it’s amazing. We’re selling egg rolls and fortune cookies (which I’m going to buy a zillion of) and paper fans, necklaces, and these drum things. Somewhat cliche, what with the egg rolls and stuff, but it’s fun and it’s good so let’s just go with it. I’m excited but not, becuase they changed it this year (long story–let’s not get into it) and I’m worried no one is going to watch our skit. That makes me sad. Even though I’m really a writer, I still love the stage. “All the world’s a stage” as the Bard would say. I had a dream about a stage once…                                                                                     I can remember dreams even from years ago, if they were particularly real to me. It’s weird. Once I asked my dad “What if  dreams are real life, and real life is a dream?” and he said “Then I must be dead” becuase he claims he doesn’t dream. Which I half believe to be true. MissPrez (my best friend, as you may remember) says she knows she dreams but doesn’t remember them ever. Alas.

Well, I think I shall be on my way now… Arrivederci!


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