Apple Tea for Elvis

I jut finished working on my Book, and I put a cpital ‘B’ becuase it is my book that I’ve been working on for (drum roll please) 3 (now almost 4!) years!!! Aghhhh!! It doesn’t seem like that long, though, and obviously it’s not torture becuase I’m still going strong… except I got mad at stupid Word today, even though it wasn’t Word’s fault that i kept having to rearrange my chapters and re-number them and on and on. And I accidentally broke the little slidy thing we have on our computer desk for the keyboard. But I didn’t break the keyboard, hurrah, and my dad is going to fix the desk.

Wow. Lots of news, I know.

Oh!  the Girl Scout Mall Overnighter was Saturday night and it was amazing!!! And I stayed up until four thirty a.m.,  then I crashed, but it was really fun. See, a bunch of the stores sta open and it’s just scouts and it was fun! I got a sweater/shirt, a necklace, a summery dress, and a belt and I got some really good baragins so that was nice. And all these girls spent like a TON of money! Need a stimulated economy? Ask Girl Scouts to come to the mall, and watch the recession get fixed over night! And then we all got sugar highs (particularly when we went to Starbucks, heard the DJ downstairs playing the Macarena and Disturbia and Shake It and we (well, two of us, there were 3 there at the time, but the other one just pretended she wasn’t with us) started dancing and then the rest of our troop came up and one of them told the Starbucks people their name was Elvis, becuase the Starbucks peeps ask you your name when there’s a lot of people, so they write your name on the cup and when it comes you get it. She tells the guy and he doesn’t even blink. He just writes it down and goes, ‘Apple Tea for Elvis!’. Oh my. It was sooooo funny. (Maybe you had to be there. But I swear, we were dying.)  I love the mall overnighter. It’s awesome.

That’s all I can say for now. I know, it’s not even very in-depth and I didn’t go on and on like I usually do, but I can’t type very well after all tht working on my book. So now I will just go….. Ciao! —Pen

PS: I bet you don’t know what I know! OK, maybe you do…. In Moby Dick, there’s this guy called Captain Starbuck! So I think that’s what Starbucks is named for. (see, like Starbuck’s? Like McDonald’s… apostrophe? Seeeeee?) Anyway, I just think it’s funny.  I wonder if Captain Starbuck likes coffee…….                                                                                                                                                                                                              PPS: for the record, I’ve never had Starbucks. Ever. I know, I’m such a weird child. I never even had a Slushie until 6th grade. Deprived, maybe. Weird? Oh, yeah.                                                                                      PPPS: actually, the world is proabably safer if I don’t have Starbucks… I mean, me on caffine? Scary thought, scary thought. (*shudders*) Me on those Hohos is bad enough. (“Alvar Nunez Cabeza DeVaca!” Looooong story. another time, I’ll tell it.)


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