Olympic Chair Vaulting, a Queen, and Chocolate Chips… It Must be Springtime

Today was absolutely perfect and gorgeous. Our van broke down. Yes, that doesn’t really say “perfect day”, I know, but see how it played out: We had amazingly springlike weather today, meaning I was just wearing a hoodie instead of a coat and I played outside since I couldn’t go to the dance performances I was s’posed to go to. My mom took my brother in my grandma’s car, though. Loooong story. But anyways, it was so awesome today that I desperately wanted to take some pics with my digital camera, but of course Mom had taken it to the dance thing so i got kinda mad… But I promise that as soon as it’s nice and I can, (possibly before the end of the week?) I’ll take some pcitures of my miraculous front yard setup and of some other neat things, like dead dried plants that look like something from a Seuss book. Seriously! But yeah, I set up these white plastic outdoor chairs we have (3 of them) and arranged them in the front yard, preparing for my new Olympic sport: Chair Vaulting. I jumped over them, only almost died once (a new record!) and then I got bored. So I made another setup, keeping the chairs where they were, and stuck sticks in the ground in front of them and threw dead berries on the porch and found those Suess Plants (I’m calling them that now, I forget what they were when they were alive, but probably not as cool as they are now) and then I continued my game from the summer. Now, you’ll probably think I’m completely weird and strange and mentally deranged, but that’s okay becuase lots of people do. Anyways– my Game. It goes like so:

There are various characters and peoples, such as a race of miniature people called Whatsits, who live in houses made of twigs and moss. (My middle brother and I once actually built these houses, but they got destroyed in the rain and when Dad accidentally mowed one of them while cutting the grass. Alas!) Then there are the Woodwalkers, who live in treehouses and know the forest by heart, and they each have a certain territory of the forest which is theirs to protect, care for, and defend. They train apprentices to take over their territory someday, too. Then there’s the Queen, who used to be the Princess before her mother died, so she is still rather young. In the middle of summer (or really whenever the wild str-shaped periwinkle flowers that grow in our backyard are in bloom) they have a ceremony in which everyone in the kingdom gathers at the part of the land where she lives, and they decorate the palace with periwinkles and vines, and they crown her with the vines and periwnkles, too, and she throws sprigs of it down to them amidst cheering, and then they feast and dance for five whole days. Actually, i think that was her coronation ceremony. Anyways… So today she was welcoming springtime, the same way her dear mother once had. First she took the Scepter and touched the Rock of Power (original name, I know– but this all started in like 6th grade, okay?) ith it. The Rock of Power is in our grage on a bike seat. yeah…. MC and I found the rock one day and it started it all.  and then she walked around the front yard in a circle, scattring dead berries and bits of dead flowers and leaves as she went. Then she went up the steps (of our concrete porch) and adressed the crowd, proudly announcing that Spring had sprung! And then she threw a bouquet of dried star-tops (they used to be ballon flowers, but now why’re just dried-up seed pods that have the shapes of stars on them) into the crowd, and proudly bowed and curtseyed (even though she’s royal, she’s very polite) and then went down into the ancestral lands and ate Nestle’s chocolate chips. Mmm.

When Mom got home and saw the setup in the front yard, with all the chairs and the sticks et cetera, she was rather surprised and asked what i’d been doing all afternoon. I replied that I’d just finished giving a speech to a crowd of at least three thousand, and that I’d also invented a new sport and survied an almost-death situation and it was thereofre time for a nap.

Someday I think I might write my game into a book. But then again, maybe not. It’s a lot of fun to play, though, even by oneself but even more with someone else. Even if it is a bit silly. Like a Rock of Power sitting there on a bike seat in a rotting garage.

Oooh, my muse just hiccupped and I think I’m getting a story idea… and also I have to send an important email regarding my Confirmation tomorrow! (Eeek! I’m SO EXCITED!) So i had better go… PLEASE don’t think I’m insane!

Luv ya! –Pen

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