Just Call Me George

Confirmation was yesterday night!!!!! So now I’m George. :) And I’m very happy. I was super nervous beforehand, but also excited, and it went very well. The bishop didn’t mess up my name (I was afraid he’d call me Georgia, but I don’t want to be anmed after the state, even if it is the feminine form. I wanted the saint’s name!) and I still smell like the oil they used a little bit. Mom likes the way it smells, so she kept leaning over and sniffing my forehead before dinner. I was smelling roses, becuase she got me some and left them in my room that morning so when i woke up i would be surprised. And she didn’t have to go to work yesterday because of the van’s breakdown. Yay! And I got to take a bubble bath. Ahhh. I also got a few presents: from Mom & Dad, a Holy Spirit necklace that is like the one Mom got when she was confirmed (which I didn’t know until after I’d asked for thi specific one, so kind of cool); from my sponsor, a Miraculous Medal (which I’ve heard of but never gotten one before), and a book with Mother Theresa’s writings (which I read the first chapter of last night– I like it already!) So yeah. And I feel good, and happy, and confirmed.  BTW, red is the Confirmation color, so that’s why I made this post red even though i thought of using neon green for St. Patrick’s Day. :P


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