Spring Cleaning

My room is a Mess with a capital M. There is still crap from, like, weeks ago on the floor. Luckily I got all the dirty clothes to the basement, and I cleared off part of my desk, my window seat, and m dresser, but STILL there is the bed, and all the stuff on the floor, and the bookshelves…. eurrrgh! “I hate spring cleanin’!” as Mole says in The Wind in the Willows. I agree with you, dear Moley. Aaaaaanyways, I don’t feel like going on about stupid cleaning so let’s move on to more pressing topics, like, um…. well, Iggy and I are almost finished with the first season of Lost. I know, I’m such a loser for watching that ridiculous show! But I saw one eisode and I was convinced I had it figured out. My theories were:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Locke is a ghost or something, all the people on the island are in some scientific experiment, and at the end of the show they’re going to wake up in a lab and find out that they never actually did any of that, and that they actually never were whatever they were before th island– they were merely clones, or something.                                                       Theory was subsequently killed after I called my neighbor and she informed me that it was impossible. She’s been watching it more than I had at the time. So then I was like, “Fine, but I’m gonna figure it out” so now, you see, I’m hooked becuase curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction has yet to bring it back. So then Iggy and I borrowed the first season from our mom’s friend. Actually, watching the current season and then the old ones explains much more… it’s kind of better. So yeah….

Mmmm, what else? Well, I’m reading some interesting books. One of them is weird but still OK. Um, also, YEAH! Lent is almost over. Happy Holy Thurday, everybody. You know, Jesus’ last supper…. that’s, like, today. If he lived at our house we’d probably not have this holiday becuase we always forget about dinner until, like 8:00 pm and them everyone’s like, “oh, just eat some PB&J.” no, no— I mean, my parents do feed me (well duh!) but sometimes that happens (like today… it’s already 7:00pm but I don’t think anyone’s noticed but me… and actually my stomach noticed first.) Oooooh, food. You know, i shuld eat meat today since I can’t have it tomorrow. Good Friday. I wonder why they call it ‘good’. I mean, Jesus dies, so that’s not really so great for him. Sin was vanquished, but he still dies for 3 whole days. I don’t think that was so ‘good’, but it was good of him to do it for us and good for the future and good for us sinners and good for the world and good that Easter was coming, so I guess I sort of get it. Plus they named it in the olden days when the Holy Spirit was a ‘ghost’. Calling something a Holy Ghost is kinda creepy. Or cheesy, like Casper. Either way….

Either way, I’m ranting. So. Name, shmame.


or is it? Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Whoa. That was reeeeeallly random. Sorry. :P



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