Okay, I have exciting news!!!! :

I planted my pumpkins like six days ago and this morning I went to water them and there were a bunch of sprouts!!! Huzzah, I am so excited! I thought I killed them alloff becuase I didn’t water them yesterday as it was my youngest brother’s First Communion. (more on that later… today was his ‘second communion’, btw). But YAY!!!!! Yeah, I knew you’d be just as excited as I am.

Anyways, yeah, my littlest bro’s First Communion. Iggy and I slept over my grandma’s house. I went to bed at (drumroll please…) 9:00! That’s like, noon for me, OK? and then I woke up the next morning (or actually I was awakened by my grandma, who usually gets up at 4 am… !) at like 6:30 am and wasn’t tired at all. So weird… it was like I was going to school again. Speaking of school, I only have one chapter left in my religion book until I finish it! Mom and I were already looking at curriculum for next year… I’m thinking about getting that ‘high school of your dreams’ thing, but of course we’re still considering. We have all summer… during which I will probably be forced to continue my study of mathematics. (*barfy face*).

So back to communion. I was, as a friend put it in ‘Brooklinese’: one a da alta soivas. (Yeah, Brooklinese, like from New Yawk? Translation: one of the altar servers.) I got to carry the really heavy golden cross in at the front of the procession. I held it very high, which pleased my mother who is fairly short and couldn’t see me, but she could see the cross even over some dude’s head. [Lemme tell ya a little story: once, for stations of the cross while I still went to regular school, I had to carry it the whole time, to every station. Man, my arms were so sore after ward, and I was even holding it as high as I was for yesterday’s opening procession! That thing is heavy. And I couldn’t really rest it on anything like the floor or my foot. So yeah. the end.] Of course, everything went pretty smoothly and my little bro did great and my dad who isn’t Catholic got a blessing and one of the younger altar servers got wine spilled on his shoulder and the second graders were adorable and sweet and very loud at the singing/responses.

The party afterward was fun, too. I learned this weird clap-clap-taptaptap-clap-down-pause-clap-up-palm-table-left-smack-pass game that took me forever to actually master. We had a taco bar and Iggy ate like seven tacos becuase my godfather was trying to eat more than him and when he beat Iggy’s record of five, iggy jumped up and ate two more in like three seconds flat. And then when we got home he ate another. That kid scares me soemtimes.

Except today! Hail the champion! It’s been so nice lately that today at our grandma’s house after chruch we held the semi-chmpionships of hide-and-go-seek-tag-jailbreak-edition. And I won, even with both my brothers plotting against me. And I discovered that there is a robin’snest in the tree in their front yard!

Okay, that’s all. Bye-bye.



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