Curly Takes the Cake

WOOO!!! Guess who won two first places and a second place in the Feis? Yours truly! Not to brag or anything, but yeah I kicked some butt. Okay, now for full details…

OK, here’s what happened. The night before the Feis Mom put curlers in my hair (painful experience) while I read a book. When she was done she made me go stand in the bathroom with the shower on hot so steam would get on/in the curlers or something, so I was standing in there for like, forever sweating to death and singing ‘Love Story’ followed by ‘Crazy Train’ and ‘Bring Em Out’. Then I came out to find that I was not actually in there forever, just nine minutes. Then Mom tied a bandanna over my head like some kind of sideways babushka, which Iggy thought was funny and then Mom made him go to bed becuase it was getting late. Then I went to bed, too, and eventually fell asleep even with those curlers in. Then Mom woke me up at the most unholy hour and it was still dark. We went downstairs, I had something to eat and got mostly dressed and Mom took the curlers out and the curls were soooo tight and sprngy it was amazing. Now, it was kinda painful but it was so worth it and besides I refuse to wear one of those bizarre wigs. So then I had to do my hair and I kind of had a freak out moment about bells (don’t ask) but it was just a false alarm. Then Mom and I got in the van (well, minivan actually, sorry to say) and drove to the place they have the Feis. We parked. Then we ran across the not busy street. Dawn broke by then. And we got inside, I was in my dress, and we sat down and got all situated and watched people. Then they sang the national anthems for Canada, Ireland, and the USA. Then I had a little panic attack and had to go off and practice. Then we met this old lady and I went down to the stage area becuase my dance was coming up. The dancers for my category were all my age (thank God) and we were all very good according to the judges. The reel was first, and some random people who saw me said I did really, really well. I got second in that. Then I had to run over to the next-door stage and do my jig, which got me first place, and then we had to wait a while and then do slip jig, which I also got first place for. Then we looked at the vendors and I bought another Irish ring with a small blue stone in it. So overall it was a very nice day and my curls stayed in the rest of that day and th next and then for fun I curled my hair again today and since Mom’s had more practice it hurt less than before. Dad’s been calling me Curly and so has Mom and yesterday so did my friends, so itr’s like my new nickname around here which I’m happy about. I like having a nickname, not to mention one that was formerly the name of a Lost Boy.

Yup, that’s pretty much all for now. TTFN, Ta-Ta For Now.

And TAKE THAT, WIG-WEARERS and MEAN SCHOOLS! Wooo for my ragtag Irish Dance Academy!

Ciao. —-Pen.


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