For some reason I keep thinking about cats, in particular my future pet cat that will probably be grey, maybe with a bit of white, and his name will be Monet. Perfect, right? Totally. So yeah, when I pull myself up by my bootstraps (a difficult task, you see, since none of my boots actually have straps) and strike out on my own, my first task will be to find myself a grey cat. And if you’re wondering why I’m spelling it ‘grey’ instead of ‘gray’…  well, just look at them! The British way is so much better. For some reason the ‘e’ looks much more… sophisticated? Intelligent? Mysterious? Well, at any rate, it looks better than the ‘a’, so I always like to spell it that way, except for with my novel, of course. Becuase I started writing it with the ‘a’ and I can’t change that now.

Well, after that short rant of my random thoughts, I shall leave you to finish cleaning my room and then I’m off to the out-of-doors!

Wow, I feel British today. Cheerio! (You know, I’ve never seen a real English person in this day and age say cheerio. Hmm… )


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