Sorry ’bout that

Okay. I’m back and a little calmer. My dad is not very good at making me feel better because he is a marsh-wiggle himself, and besides that a guy, and so the combination equals not so good at making me feel better when I’m really angry or stressed. But when I’m sad he’s very nice to me. I’m such a daddy’s girl. ;)

Aaaanyway, back to what I was saying… So we started school like a week and a half ago. I was sad to see summer go, and yet I am really enjoying this school year so far, better than last year. We are much more organized now and I really like my new math book (a real shocker). It had a picutre of Alice and the Red Queen right on page one of chapter one, so I was like, “I think I’m gonna like this book”. And I do. Plus I am really enjoying Botany…

Botany, yes! I have been collecting botanical specimens all summer long, pressing them and saving them. Now I have a cool botany textbook to learn from, books about trees and herbs, and also I am creating my own botany scrapbook, using all my specimens!! Which reminds me, I was supposed to take a picture of the Northern Pin Oak at my DHFs’ house… oh well. Mayhap they will take one for me and send it in the mail or something. I’ve been going back to using the ol’ fashioned system of mailing letters. It’s kind of cool becuase it’s like being in Victorian times or something. E.B. (one of my DHFs) and I sometimes write ‘ship logs’ to each other, like we are on a ship and we’re documenting everything that’s going on. It’s fun, actually. She’s Captain Hornblower and I’m First Lieutenant Curly.  

But that’s getting off subject. Botany… I am completely in love with it now. Fascinated by it. I collect leaves and plants wherever we go. (Also, as of late, feathers, but that’s just for fun and not for school. I found a bluejay feather this morning in the DHFs’ backyard, and it is very nice.) S.P. (another DHF) got me a ginormous leaf from when she and the others went to Kentucky, but I forgot to take it home. I’m sad now… alas!!!

So yesterday night, when we were going to get ice cream, we were singing in the car really loudly. P.B., aka the dad of the DHFs (well he is actually SP’s uncle… SP is cousin of EB, aka Eliza and her younger sister BB, aka Bug. They all live in the same house.) was getting annoyed. Of course we were listening to Jars of Clay, so there were no songs at all on the whole CD that we didn’t know. Except I think we were using PB’s iPhone and not a CD. Oh well. The reason he was getting annoyed is that for some reason we all tend to sing very high when we’re all together. I usually don’t sing high at all, but when I’m around them singing I like automatically harmonize. We call PB “Poor Bill” like in Alice in Wonderland movie when Bill the lizard is kicked out of the chimney and they all say, “Poor Bill.” So whever we feel like, ‘poor so-and-so’ we say “Poor Bill!” in an accent.
So then… we were all wearing capes, and being the Queen’s Court. SP was the Queen, I was her younger sister the Princess, Eliza was the Knight, and Bug was a Lord. I said, “Lord, you need a lady. Go get one now!”
Lord: “why?”
Me: “Becuase then she would be Lady Bug! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!”
I know. I laugh at such random and ‘ridonckulous’ things. (We’ve all seen the movie Bolt and we say Ridonckulous all the time now, like the hamster in the movie.)
Well, then the Queen and the Princess shared a large Reese’s blizzard, so it was all good. Yum! And those are huuuge. There is no way I would be able to eat one by myself.

Making the videos was fun. Eliza wore her dad’s suit jacket, tie, and American flag cap for two parts, and then we made Bug go put them away. She put the cap in the closet instead of on the bedpost, and so he knew that we’d been using his stuff while he was away at work!
The many deleted bloopers consisted of hair falling down out of hats whilst we were playing a boy character, people saying “ouch!”, lawnmowers going, the camera malfunctioning, me saying “oh, is it filming?”, Bug whispering loudly, curtains falling, coke spilling, et cetera. SP and I were stuffed into the trunk of a minivan and we whined like little kids for this one scene, and then for another it was Bug and I pretending to be little kids fighting over nothing. I ripped up our “mother’s” voting ballot at the end. :)

So all in all it was quite brilliant. I can’t wait until you see the videos themselves! I hope they post them soon!!!
Well, bye for now. In a much better mood, yours truly,
–Pen :>)


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