woah. dude.

Wow, I have not written in a looooong time!!! Well, I’ve fixed things up around here at Mayonnaise&Moonlight, so I hope you like it. :) I myself do.
Sooo… A lot to say. I just got back from the home of my dear homeschooled friends (the DHFs… like Trumpkin, the DLF) where I slept over. It was really fun, we watched Prince Caspian (me for the second time, them for about the hundredth) and we ate ice cream and I visited Mist Town, which is an amazing place, just so you know. I love the green mice!!!
Then we made a Very Strange Show, but it accidentally got deleted. So today we used the entire day to make two youtube videos that are really funny. I would have to say my favorite is the silent film we made about a presidential election, and all these people at a voting booth. It was a riot, expecially once we added the music, some Symphony of Beethoven’s. The timing of the music was somehow magically perfect to what we were doing in the video. Once they post it onto Youtube I will put the link up on here.
I love my DHFs.
I miss them already.
I also miss my mom, becuase she is at her CPR training right now (Girl Scouts, you know, they have to be safe.) but hopefully she will be home soon. The dogs just barked so perhaps that is her now. XD I will go check.
:'( It wasn’t her!! It was just my idiot dogs barking at nothing. And now my dad and brothers are home and my dad is being mean and making fun of me. I am really stressed out now. So I am going to sign off. As you can see this event has put me in a very very sour mood.


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