when the dragon’s grown too mighty to slay with pen or sword…

…I grow weary of the battles, and the storm I walk toward!…

I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day. I like it though, so it doesn’t bother me. It’s an old song. (By old I mean from when my dad was a kid… haha) And that part is my favorite because of the whole pen/sword thing.

Today was my big day going to the eye doctor at 11:00. Well, let me just begin by saying that every year when it is almost time to go to the eye doctor, I always freak out a little. I used to wear glasses, and I was supposed to wear them in sixth grade but I didn’t that whole year because I didn’t need them. I still believe I don’t. When I first got glasses, in second grade, I really did need them becuase it was giving me headaches to look at the board, but I think it was kind of a phase, like growing pains or my obsession with horses. (Ha, that is another tale in itself… and another example of how I know myself so well, and am always right about what I will like or not like, etc. anywhoooo!)
So anyway, we started going to this new eye doctor guy and he is okay, kind of boring and lame becuase he does not seem to have a sense of humor but I digress. He says I am still a bit far-sighted but I don;t need glasses unless I get headaches again.
So that was a relief!
And also, he has this thing that blows a puff of air in your eye and makes you flinch. Both my parents had to have it do that, but I didn’t! Another relief.
So then my brothers both had to get glasses. They finally picked a pair they liked and we went to sit down with the glasses-picking lady and she was like, “So why aren’t you in school today?”
I held up my reading work (Pride and Predjudice, and my study guide) and I was like, “Well, we’re homeschooled, I was just doing school a minute ago.”
Then she asked us what church we went to.
My dear observant father remarked later that it struck him that she asked us what church we went to after she heard we were homeschooled. Like, when you say you are homeschooled, it plants a seed in a person’s mind that you must be religious. Which, I mean, we are Catholic, but not like crazies or anything. We only have 3 kids (she also asked us if we had any more siblings at home… hmm… see? I swear I am normal!) in our family and I am not forced to wear a skirt or anything like that. Although, as the song goes, “A dress has always been my strongest suit!” haha. Seriously I wear them like every day.
Sooo then we left the glasses place and went to this amazing grocery store called Chuppa’s. (I say it like Choo-pas, but my grandma Vegas says Chup-as. oh well.) They are like awesome! I have decided that my family will not shop at any other grocery store except to get ceral becuase Chuppa’s doesn’t have Honey Bunches of Oats. ;P
One of the people working there saw my brothers and yelled, “Why aren’t you boys in school?”
My dad, one who relishes giving obscure answers, replied calmly, “They are. Home economics.”
I think we left them scratching their heads for a few minutes.

When I got home I thought of all the things I could’ve said to the people who asked why we were not in school. For example:
“School? But it’s Saturday.”
There was another one, too…. OH! Dad said he wanted to say,
“Oh, they have swine flu, they’re not allowed to be at school while they’re still contagious.” At which point I would cough weakly and say, “Dad? I don’t feel spo good…”
I could’ve put some acting skills to work!
But at any rate, I think it is almost as much fun to just say the real reason and listen to their response. Someone once asked me if I had a TV. I mean really.

But it is very funny, anyway.

I am going to work on my new novel…. au revoir, readers of this blog! (Like there are any!)
I will have to tell you the horse-obsession story some other time…. tomorrow maybe…

PS, the song is “Madrigal” by Rush. I love their album Farewell to Kings, it rox.
PPS, doncha love post scripts??? I do, in case you couldn’t tell. ;)


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