it’s a hard-knock life

I just finished cleaning up for when my dad gets home from his work training. He’s been gone all week and it’s been really weird. Like, I could actually sit on the couch becuase he wasn’t there asleep! He works night shift, so that’s why he’s always sleeping there. My brothers used to call him “Cluck-Cluck” and “Coffee Bean” but now they call him “Sleeping Bear”. I have no idea where the other names came from, though. My brothers are so random.

So yeah… now our tables are cleaned off, the living room is semi-neat and the bathroom is sparkly. This will last about a day. I think the mess of our house is driving me toward ONF disorder, aka Obsessive Neat Freak disorder. I mean really, how hard is it to restrain yourself from putting ten thousand things everywhere??? Dodge never puts any of his stuff anywhere, becuase he knows he will have to clean it up, but Poncho, the youngest, is loony tunes!!! He tosses stuff all around the house: toys, guns, binoculars, papers, schoolbooks, drawings, crayons, stuffed animals…. OMG. that kid will be the doom of me. Not that I’m any less guilty, becuase my own room is a disaster. ah, well. at least with that you can close the door. and the desk is cleared off, so that’s somewhat of an improvement.

Every time I clean, I think of my old 4th grade teacher (now my confirmation sponsor.). She used to turn on the song “Hard-Knock Life” whenever we cleaned the classroom. It made it so much more fun. :)

Dodge is singing a song that he found on youtube. It is very funny but also too catchy that it gets stuck in your head. My favorite part is when it goes, “And now Jacob’s kaput, in a giiiiant foot!” LOL. it is a veeeeery funny joke if you watch Lost. ha-ha.

My mom just called to say that she’ll be here any minute…. oh drat. I hope she’s satisfied with my housecleaning– it could look better. I mean, really—– OH NO!!! I WAS SUPPODSED TO VACCUUM!!!!!

which reminds me: did I ever tell you about the vaccuum, I mean, “cleaning system” guy that came to our house? It was very weird. Hm. If I have not told the story before, I will tell it tomorrow. Must go vaccuum. is that even how you spell vaccuum???


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