My Darling Clementine

Dodge has named all of his playmobil horses Clementine. I don’t know why, but I was just thinking about that, and had to put it in the title somehow. :)

Well, it is Tuesday, almost time for Girl Scouts. I am feeling kind of down becuase of that, but not becuase I don’t like going to Girl Scouts. I just…well, there’s a lot of reasons. Abd plus it doesn’t help that Allie is moving on Saturday and I won’t get to see her before she goes. I am going to call, though. And plus I wanted to make her a bracelet, but all the special beads got messed up. So I’ll have to make her a better one and send it in the mail to her new house. Sigh. It’s like four hours away, I think.

I am just kind of bummed on my entire friend situation. I feel like all my friends are becoming friends with each other and kind of forgetting about me, but of course that could just be my perception. Well, my DHFs are still on the same page as me, so that is a good thing. If I ever lose them I don’t know how I would manage. I wouldn’t. That’s what would happen.

But off of these marsh-wiggle-y topics!!! Enough melodrama from me!!!! Becuase I do have some really cool news. Last night I made this awesome cloak thing!!! It’s red and it was made from a poncho pattern that I altered so it would be like Lina’s Messenger cloak in the City of Ember. I love that book… and the movie was actually pretty good too. I think the costumes were my favorite part. (I could definitely have done without the stupid giant mole, though. I mean, really? whatever.) And this is the weirdest part: the people looked just like I imagined them! Ok, not all of them, but definitely Lina and Doon! And then I look back at the book and find that Lina is supposed to have dark hair, but I always imagined her blond. Weird, right??

Well, I have to go now. Short posting today. Oh! Wait! I wanted to say…. I also wrote a song, and posted it on AP as a poem. I am rather proud of it, actually. :)


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