“The great Jabba the Hutt will now listen to your plea…”

Dodge is sick today so he is watching Star Wars, the one where Han Solo gets out of the carbonite and is going to be fed to the nasty sand monster thing. Jabba the Hutt is sooo gross. I mean seriously, he’s like a big blob of snot, or a green tongue. Eurrgghhhh…. I hate slugs. Really I do. It is really gross in the summer becuase I never wear shoes outside, and then I always step on them in the dark and it is so smooshy!!!!

Today we went to Saint Thomas More church and it was just OK. Like I am really weirded out becuase they don’t kneel and they are not giving out the Precious Blood. Like what is going on? and then some people were being…odd. But still it was better than our old parish. My poor friend has to be an altar server at the old parish and… yeah. I asked to be taken off the regular rotation, but people can still call me if they need a sub.

So in a little bit we (as in Mom, Poncho, and me) are going to my grandma’s house where we will help stuff folders for a retreat. I love setting up for the retreat even though the retreat house is, well, to say it nicely it is sub-standard. But it is fun anyway and I will get to see Bug today! Yay!!!! And then I will eat mini muffins! huzzah! 

It is also very cold lately. Yesterday we played outside for a long time but when we came in my face, toes, and fingers were all pretty numb. My red cloak/cape thing was quite warm, though! Dodge kept using his “secret passage” to try and attack Poncho, who was pretending to be a character we call “Mr. S.” Mr. S is a human who can turn into a giant spider and he eats flies.  Then Poncho was trying to steal my magical silver key and then we were playing a sort of hide-and-seek-keep-away thing until we had to go in and eat dinner. That was fun becuase it had been raining for the past, like, TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND days. It is not raining today, thank goodness, otherwise I would be going absolutely crazy! Oh, never mind. I already am. ;P

Hey, I meant to mention, there is this thing called National Novel Writing Month, and I am doing it this year. I am very excited and also a little intimidated by the fact that the goal is 50,000 words in 30 days. But hey! Why not at least try, right? :D

G2G now,


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