flying by the seat of my pants is ok except for stupid gravity

Heyyy, everybody……. *awkward smile* Ummmm…. yeahhhh….

OKAY, I CONFESS!!!! D< I’m here, but I’m supposed to be working on my NaNoWriMo novel. oh well. I am sooooo behind on word count, I still need like 3,000 words to catch up. Forget getting ahead. AND I am so doomed as an author!!!!

Why, you ask? Well, I will tell you. (duh, otherwise I wouldn’t even have brought up this painful subject).

OK. So, I went to the park today becuase we had no school. We’re busy getting ready for Poncho’s birthday (he wants a Cowboy party), and we wanted to also take field trip becuase it has been cold and rainy lately, but the last 3 days or so it’s been GORGEOUS, so we had to enjoy it. (I also became Dodge’s paduwan, or however you spell it, so that I could play with his giant wooden sword, but that was later.)  Anyway we went and didn’t take our dogs, Lily and Daisy, for once. They always puke in the van…. ewww. So we walked through the woods, and Dad was talking to me, and I decided that I am dedicating one of my novels to him becuase it just makes me think of him. Plus one of the characters, Starwatcher, is kind of based on him. Only Starwatcher is not obsessed with whatever hunting season it is. Dad gets all antsy whenever squirrel, turkey, or deer season rolls around. Especially squirrels and deer. He’s absolutely dying to go track/shoot something right now becuase it’s officially squirrel season. So today every time we saw a squirrel we snuck up on it and everything. The chestnuts were all over the place! They smell really good when you pull them apart, but they stain your hands and your clothes. I want to crush some and make ink for my quills, but that’s a different story. Actually, this is all a different story! Back to what i was saying about how doomed I am.

I became inspired there.

I know! It’s terrible!!! I am soooo, soooo inspired…..

for a story other than my NaNovel. Sheesh, why can’t my brain for once work the way I want it to? Because now I am seriously considering doing both novels this month. I think the weird eggs I ate in Indiana have gotten to me.

Oh yeah, did I ever tell you that I went to Indiana? I went this weekend, for a Feis, which was called the Chicago Feis but was actually just across the border of Indiana into the tiny town of Lynwood, Illinois. Mom drove me six hours to get to our hotel and I can hardly even look at a car anymore. I was so sore, and thirsty from belting out Taylor Swift half the way. Whatever, though. It was fun anyway. :) AND at the Feis I rocked my hornpipe!!! I got first place!!!! I was the first one in my class to do it in competition, too. That’s what a Feis is, if you forgot/didn’t know. So now I’m a novice in all my dances. Working toward that solo dress. :P And I AM NOT A WIG WEARER, just for the record. I ahte those things. They are soooo creepy. But there’s this awesomely funny blog called Zebediah and Beauregard’s Front Porch, which, if you are an Irish dancer/Feis-er, you will laugh your head off at. The things he says about wigs are hilarious.

Sooooo yeah. Glad to be back in good ol’ Ohio! :D

But back to my noveling probs: (can’t believe I just said “probs”), well, i hate to edit becuase it takes up time and energy and you’re not supposed to since it’s a first draft, but what the heck am I ging to do? The entire world of my novel, Layers of Shadows, is at a stalemate unless I can fix this problem!!!! And YA novel contests are freaking me out, and plot holes are swallowing me, and I am afraid…… man why am I always so afraid of stuff? I need more danger in my life. Then this noveling business would be like a piece of cake and pie, as my friend Kristen puts it. Anyway, with my novels I’m usually fine with flying by the seat of my pants and just winging it, but it’s not really working out since the entire story depends on this part and I can’t get past it!! Grr.

well, this can only be soleved one way.


By holding a caucus race against myself. Thank goodness for Lewis Carroll. Caucus races usually work for me. ;)



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