“I am C3PO, human-cyborg relations.”

Whenever I experience technical diffiulties, that’s the quote that jumps to mind. My computer taskbar thing is acting really weird today, but I will get Dad to fix it later. Or maybe Dodge can fix it…. he fixed the DHF’s grill once. Then we had burgers named after him to celebrate. :) Man I miss summer.

But hey! I have great news! I solved my problem (kind of) yesterday!!!! But again, my brain has turned against my body becuase today I just got this TOTALLY STUPENDOUS idea for a new book… and of course it is physically impossible to write that much without totally ditching school and getting in deep doo-doo, if you know what I mean. I am already waaayyyy ahead of my study guide for To Kill a Mockingbird. But that book is so good! If it wasn’t for the stupid study guide I would have finished a week ago, becuase I have to keep forcing myself to stop. Maybe I’ll just read the whole thing then go back and do the study guide for Round 2. Maybe….

Oh, and also, yesterday I finished the map I was drawing for Layers of Shadows!! It actually looks pretty good, except for the ocean becuase it’s really big and the waves are drawn in doodle-form. Ah, well. We can’t all be Da Vinci.

Tonight I ahev Girl Scouts. Which reminds me about how I had to fill out this form about my “camping experiences” so that the peeps who run GS could see what girls are thinking. I told them exactly what i’m thinking, which is that they make everything that has any potential for FUN into a major bore. Like archery. This Senior troop that we know went to do archery and they got to shoot like 3 arrows, becuase the instructors had to talk about safety for two hours!!! Ugh. You know, I love to do archery when my Dad and I go to Senior Princess camp. We always stay at a YMCA camp, and this is how their safety talk goes:
“Have you ever shot an arrow before?”
(I answer yes, but even if you haven’t…)
“Okay, well you hold it like this–” they demonstrate– “and you always point down range. Don’t point at other people. When I say go you can shoot, then when everyone’s done we all go at once to retrieve the arrows. Okay?”
“Yeah, Okay.”
“Good. Shoot away!”
Then there’s my dad’s way of explaining it:
“OK, you hold the bow like this, always point into the garage, dont’s stand too close to the shooter when it’s not your turn, don’t shoot your brother. Go.”
He would say more, but he knows that we’re old pros. Dodge and I had so much fun with the targets we made. There was one of a Dharma sign (For the Arrow Station, ha-ha), one of Benjamin Linus, and one of Jack Shepard (shot them both through the heart…. ooooo!). Then Dodge had a Lego box so we shot at Asajj Ventriss and all the other evil guys. I hit Ventriss right in the head! But then I accidentally shot Obi-Wan and Commander Cody… :( Dodge felt very betrayed so he got an extra turn.

Yeah. Girl Scouts tends to make cool things into lame, safe, watered-down, boring ventures. That’s why our troop pretty much does our own thing. :D Becuase we are COOL! 318 for the WIN!!!!


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