Happy Birthday, Poncho!

Hey! If you haven’t guessed from the above title, it’s Poncho’s birthday!! A few days ago I learned the song “happy birthday” in ASL, don’t know if I’ll use it though.

So. Poncho’s turning 9! I can hardly believe it. I can’t keep up. It seems like he should be turning seven or something. But yeah, the ninth bday is the last big bash. With Poncho his birthdays have always been themed, and he always makes his guests come in costume. He’s had and Egyptian birthday, a Roman birthday, and this year he’s having a Western birthday. I think he likes any historical period that involves weaponry.
So of course the guests have to come in costume this time, too. I didn’t have a cowgirl costume so I’m dressed as an Indian right now. (Ug a wug!) I’m going to paint on my warpaint soon. Mom got herelf a cowboy hat yesterday and it is the coolest western hat I have ever seen! She’s dressing as a kind of Annie Oakley type.
Paul is currenlt yrunning around with an empty squirtgun threatening to call up a posse on whoever doesn’t obey his every wish. He started shooting at me with the aforementioned squirtgun and I was like, “Oooooh, effective!” and then he spider-bite-pinched me on the arm and it HURT REALLY BAD. Then I must have looked mad because he ran away yelling, “Sorry! Sorry!”
Ah, Poncho.
Our house is like really clean though. I am determined to make everyone keep it that way even if I have to go all cleaning police on them. I wil try not to, though, because I know that Mom’s been throwing away a lot of junk. Dodge never leaves his stuff in the other rooms, only in his bedroom, which is his problem if he wants to have a crazy messy room all the time. I can’t stand having a messy room but he doesn’t care. Neither does Poncho. They share a room so it’s double the disaster in there….
The guinea pigs are temporarily living in my room, which is funny becuase they are super excited by this! I think they like looking out my window at a new scene and since my room is so bright with the yellow walls, green canopy, and two open windows they are just soaking up the sun. And the food. Owen is my little doughboy and Rodney is like… Perry the Platypus! Seriously Rodney totally reminds me of that. I wouldn;t be surprised if there’s some secret lair that he sneaks off to every morning that we don’t notice/know about. He does spend a lot of time in their plastic igloo. Hmmm. Suspicious.
“Agent R, your cover is blown!”
Doobydoobydoobahdoobydoobydoobah Agent R!
I think Dodge and I need a break from Phineas and Ferb… Yesterday night, getting groceries for the party (i.e. cake stuff, juice, pop, chips, etc.) we were all sooooooo hyper!!! I tried so hard to stop laughing but I couldn’t!!! And it was only like 8 o’ clock. But even Mom was laughing when we were singing “So search your heart, please, Dr. D and I am sure that you will see that you were always meant to be my only lifelong enemy….. But now you’re doing battle, with a panda, from Seattle….”
Then Mom was like, “HOW do you keep that all in your HEAD?” (Becuase prior to this I had also been telling her about this one part in Through the Looking Glass with the Lion and the Unicorn, and I had every quote in the whole passage memorized, which she thought was freaky).
I was like, “uhhhh. Idk.” (and then I go to the crematorium! Get it? I dk, I decay….)

Well that is all I have to say for now…

Have a piece of plum cake before I have to drum you out of town!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Poncho!

  1. Hey Hannah!! How are you doing? It was great to see you at the All Saints’ Day party, even if it was brief.

    You’re doing NaNoWriMo, right? What’s your username? I want to add you as a friend…it’s a little lonely right now. ;)

    Btw, I love your blog, it rocks. :)


  2. pen2sword

    Thanks, Clare!! Yeah, I wish I could’ve stayed for the whole party… next year, though! Mwaha! I will be someone veeeery obscure…. :P

    Yep, I’m *trying* to do NaNo, though I’m pretty much neglecting it right now. I’m Pen2sword on there. :) It is a lot harder than I thought it would be; I would definitely like to have a friend on there, too.

    Love, Hannah

    PS: glad somone enjoys my ramblings. :D

  3. Haha, I’m going to be a guy next year. I don’t know how obscure I’ll be –probably not much– but I do know that I want to be wearing a costume that I don’t have to be making constant adjustments to. :D

    Don’t worry about it; you’re doing better than I am! I added you, and just so you know, my username is Chliara.

    <3, Clare

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