We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!

I really need to work on pitching. No, not baseballs!! (I was once in softball, though, and I never could pitch there either.) The kind of ptiching I’m talking about right now is for ideas, concepts, novels. You see, my friend Cory was asking me what Oak Heart is about. I found myself completely unable to explain without going: “Oh, well, I should have said in the beginning…” or “Wait, back up. What I mean is…” So I just said, “Uh…. I can’t explain!!!” And then promptly shoved more pizza in my mouth.

That was some good pizza.

Anyway, after that I got to thinking: what happens when I want to query agents for this? Or if I win this contest, then how will I pitch it? It’s got to be like the paragraph on the back cover/inside flap of a novel on the library shelf. In that paragraph, the reader decides whether or not they’re going to read the book. It doesn’t explain the plot, list the characters or even sometimes make sense. It gives just enough away of what the book is generally about to make the reader go, “COOL!!! I MUST HAVE THIS!!! oh, crap, where’s my library card?” And then if they forgot their library card, that paragraph makes them toss and turn in bed later until the next morning when they find said library card and RUN over to the library RIGHT NOW becuase THE WORLD WILL COME TO A SUDDEN AND TRAGIC END if they don’t read the book.
Or at least, you want them to say, “Cool! I’d read this.” and then get it.
Reel ’em in like a pro, I tell ya.

So if I can’t even explain the main character to my friend, that means I have (as they say in To Kill a Mockingbird) another think coming.
Where do I turn in my hour of need? Why, Apricotpie, of course!
That magic, blank box…. what would I do without it? Uh, probably sit around sulking. (Especially because I have a cold today and my brain is feeling muddled. I hate being sick. :( )
Anyway, I had a record number of TWO posts like all week or more!!! That never happens!!!! I’m always waiting impatiently for it to say, “you have one post” and then I go crazy and write something and post it asap. But this past week I’ve been busy and frankly uninspired.
But anyway, witohut any intention of really posting, I clicked on Poetry and just sat there staring at the screen for a while.


And then suddenly, my fingers started to type. I didn’t know what they were typing, only that it rhymed, and it was about Oak Heart. When it was done I added the title, the author’s note, posted it. I shut down my computer and went to sleep for like 2 hours.
When I awoke, I felt better. I clicked on AP and looked at my poem. I read it about 3 times.
I am pretty rpoud of myself. :)
And I think I have a great pitch in the works. Oh, it’s there, jelling in my brain. All thanks to poetry, rhyme, and that little magic box.



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