History, Naturally.

Today we (Dad, Mom, Dodge, Poncho, me, my godparents and godbrother) went to the Natural History Museum. On our way there we passed the art museum which made me go “Oooooohhh!!! We HAVE to go there, pleeeeeeeease Mommy, pleeeeeease!” They finally opened their impressionism wing. Impressionism is my favorite style of painting at the moment, and I’ve been waiting forever for more of the museum to be reopened after the renovations. We also passed the Botanical Gardens, which we have a membership for and the place that I absolutely adore. Oh, and Dad was in such rare form today. A bunch of places we passed he remarked as, “Oh, remember that crash? That was right here!” (To which Dodge replied, “That pole! That’s the one you were sitting by!” And I was all, “Aww! The pole!!”.) Then we passed this pond/lake and Dad was all, “Oh yeah, someone got killed there.” We passed a bunch of new houses and he was saying, “This used to be all burned-down stuff from the riots…” We were talkign about hospitals and he said, “Oh, there was one up here that I liked. It’s gone now, but it used to be pretty good. Except there were people who had been bludgeoned…”
Mom: “Did he just say bludgeoned?”
It was kind of humorous. Dad definitely was morbidly funny today.
We finally got to the Natural History Museum and met up with my godparents. My godbrother is very cute. He wanted to be our tour guide the whole time. Oh, and we got a membership to the place. Now we can go to the Natural History museum, the Botanical Gardens, and the art museum without paying! They’re all practically next door to each other anyway.
Well, at the museum there was an exhibit about space, which was very interesting. They had a thing that showed all the craters on the moon and what their names were. They were all named after mythological heroes, scientists, etc. And then there was one named Billy. Like, what, did they run out of names or something? :P
Despite how cool the exhibits were, my godbrother found something else even more fascinating. “Hey, look what I found!” he yelled. “It’s a window!”
Little kids are awesome. :D
Next we saw the animals part. There were a lot of taxidermied creatures everywhere, which was a little disturbing. I mean really, don’t you fund it just a little creepy when you turn a corner and you’re being stared at by, say, a crocodile or a bear or whatever? The apes are the worst, especially since my dad had to keep bringing up the fact that chimpanzees are highly dangerous. “Look at its fingers,” he said. Very disturbing. All I could think of were those crazy long fingers trying to gouge out my eye or something. I officially am afraid of apes. Except orangutans. I kind of like them. Not that I’d ever want to be very close to one, anyway. All the same, the animals part was interesting. Wolves, tigers, and ostriches are actually quite huge up close, you know. From far away in a zoo or on TV, they seem normal-sized, but in the museum a few inches from your face in all their stuffed, marble-eyed glory, they’re enormous! The tigers were frightening a bit but also inspiring in a way, since there is a tigerlike sort of creature that lives in my novel Layers of Shadows. Ah, yes. That dear on-hold novel. Oh well. Forgive me, NaNo. Writing contests call and so does destiny!
OK, over dramatic. Ummm. Oh yeah. So then we saw a TON of dinosaur stuff. I mean, dinosaurs are cool and all but I’m not exactly that into them. I used to be. (Land Before Time flashback!) But it was cool because they also had a prehistoric Irish Elk that was preserved in the bogs (*shudder*). It was gorgeous, though, in a weird way. Its bones were dark, dark brown and its antlers were thick and spreading. They had sabertooth tigers, mamoths, etc. They had a giant evil-looking fish’s head that was found in Rocky River. Museums all over the world have to use casts from that one becuase it’s the rare and prized original! Freaky to think that it probably swam around where my brothers and I go hiking around, though, splashing in the water and playing with the dogs. That monster of a thing used to prowl in the very places where we wade casually during the summer.
There were also rocks, fossils, and jewlery, but we didn’t get to see too much of that becuase the boys were very much less interested than us girls. So we said maybe Mom, my godmother, and me can all go back someday and just do that part. We appreciate beauty. ;P
We also explored outside and watched a fox get fed. I felt bad for some of the animals, though, especially the one raccoon becuase he kept pacing madly, like he was so stressed out, and his fur had marks in it from here the fence pushed into it every time the thing paced. My godmother clapped at it and tried to make it go away from the fence, stop pacing for even like five minutes, but it wouldn;t and it was heartbreaking in a way. There was also a turkey that my dad had a very interesting conversation with. It would make funny noises when he asked it questions. At first glance the turkey as quite ugly, but then once I looked at his eyes and he kept making that soft chirping noise I found him very sweet.
That was the end of our day at the museum. It was all in all, very fun. :)
On the drive home my dad was being funny again…. Mom was talking about their wedding photographer and how they were taking pretty bad pictures. They just didn’t have much talent for photgraphy I suppose, and Mom was saying, “You know, the birde’s not supposed to see the groom right before the wedding, so I wasn’t able to be there when the photgrapher was taking Daddy’s picture. I wasn’t there to tell her where to have them stand and everything, which I shouldn’t have to do anyway, but I would have–”
Dad (in a robot voice): “I will now assume control.”
I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. Mom kept asking, “What did he say? What did he say?” But I was so out of breath I couldn’t say it without laughing more. Finally Dad told her and she was like, “Oh, thanks.”
Dad: “It’s from a Rush song! You know, they have all those weird noises, and then the guitar goes duhdadaduhna and then you hear, ‘I will now assume control.'”
Mom: “Oh.”
OMG I am still laughing about it. Ever since the drive home we’ve been saying “I will now assume control” to Mom.
The rest of our drive was Dad telling stories about faulty GPS’s and the crazy things that happen to him at work. It was a riot.

I just have to say, my family was awesome as usual. :D

My day ended with me lying exhausted and over-full (the rolls I ate at dinner killed me) on the couch watching Masterpiece Mystery on PBS. Miss Marple with her, “They Do It With Mirrors.” It was really good, actually. I totally didn’t expect that ending! Except I did know that that lady was up to something…. and I knew the newspaper was important….. Hmmmm. I want to read some of those books now and learn a few more things from Miss Marple. What’s cool is she’s this old lady but she still has such a keen eye and ear and such adventures. That is what I hope I’ll be like in my old age someday.

Wow. Long post. Time for bed now. :)



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