let nothing you dismay

Happy Advent! We’ve put up our Christmas tree and hung all the ornaments. That means that we had the annual “Throwing of the Tree”, which is when the boys go upstairs and drag the tree out of storage (yes it’s fake, and also non-flammable, according to the box) and shove it down the stairs. It scared the dogs and me as well, since I had been reading by the heater and then suddenly two terrified mutts come flying into the dining room and dart under the table. Then Dodge expertly stuck the thing together while Dad took pictures, and Poncho attempted to help. The next day we dragged out all the ornaments (we have soooo many!) and the boys hung them up. I hung up mine, but since I delayed, Poncho ended up hanging up my favorite one– Peter Pan. 
Me: “Where’s my Peter– it’s on the tree?! Who did this???!!”
Poncho: (timidly) “me.”
Me: “Oooohhh… Why?!? I always hang it up!”
Poncho: “Well the box didn’t have an H on it…”
Me: “But it’s Peter Pan! Who else’s would it be? (*growls*).”
Poncho: (cowering) “You can hurt me but just please don’t kill me!” 
I didn’t hurt him at all, of course. Let nothing you dismay, Poncho, I love you too much to do that. :)

That kid is so funny. Of course all the ornaments he hung up were all in the middle of the tree, like an asteriod belt, while up higher and down at the way bottom there were hardly any because he couldn’t reach. It worked out well, though.

The next night, Dad got home from deer hunting. No deer. Sigh. I was kind of looking forward to several meals he could’ve cooked up with the help of some yummy venison. :) But it’s okay. We were watching the Hannah Montana movie when he came. Mom rented it because she had wanted to see it in the theater bt we enver went, and it’s such a scam anyway but let’s not get into the many reasons why I greatly dislike Miley Cyrus and all her multiple personalities. Dad thought we had gotten the movie becuase Taylor Swift was in it, but she was there for like seriously 3 seconds and she wasn’t even famous in the movie, but so many times in the movie someone would mention how Hannah Montana was the most popular person the world over. Puh-lease. Ego much?

Anyway, Advent is one of my favorite time sof the year. I love the preparation. I’ve been working on getting the house in order for Christmas, and keeping the kitchen very tidy so I can have room to make things such as cookies!! I am making those Rudolph/snowman/santa ones that you just pull apart and stick in the oven for my writer’s group. We are having a Christmas party at our December meeting. I was going to make the famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from scratch using our secret family recipie, but I’m saving those for the January meeting becuase it falls on my actual birthday and those cookies are really like my birthday cookies. I used to take them to school on my birthday, but this year I get to share with Skyline Writers! Yay!!!

 There’s something about Christmas that is just… I don’t know. It’s so deep. It’s got all these layers to peel away. It has all the joy and excitement and warmth, but then at some point, at some moments you feel this kind of tinge of silence and mystery. The mystery is one of my favorite parts.


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