Calloo Callay!

Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception! Bethesda is having Mass tonight, but unfortunately Mom and I have Girl Scout investiture. :/ So we had to go to church yesterday night. It was actually really nice though. It was freezing, first of all, and very dark becuase the stupid sun sets at like five o’ clock– but anyway! Coming into the parking lot I could see the stained glass windows glowing all pretty, and then the whole church is kind of like a dome, and the lobby/entrance part is just glass, doors and walls and everything is just glass. So it looked like there were no doors or outer walls, like it was just open, becuase of the dark and the brightness of the church. When we went in, it was nice and warm, and there were not a ton of people because most probably would rather go tonight. (Or they’re being naughty and not going at all….) Inside, the stained glass was just black becuase there was no light coming in. Poncho was like, “Huh?” so we had to explain the whole phenomenon to him. The Mass itself was good, not as great as it would’ve been if it had been the Besthesda Mass, but still. I liked it. Then Mom bugged me and kept asking why I liked it so much, which kind of drove me crazy. Do I need a reason for everything? Sigh.

I’ve been trying to prepare for Christmas more and more. I still need to get the gift together for Saturday, when my writer’s group (heart heart heart… seriously, I’m forever looking forward to writer’s group meetings.) has their Christmas party. We’re going to eat pastry and snacks during the critique session, and then we’re having a white elephant gift exchange and just hanging out. I don’t know exactly what I’m giving, but I have quite a few ideas. All of them are pretty good. Just thought we’d be clear about that. :P I am also going to make those awful-for-you-but-so-yummy Pillsbury Christmas cookies. I would make home-made cookies, but I think I’ll keep those up my sleeve for the January meeting becuase it’ll be on my actual birthday and I want to make them my birthday cookies. :) Soo yeah just going to use those stick and bake kind. Gimme a break, peeps! I can’t always be home-made! I have my sanity to consider… and the fact that those cookies have Rudolph on them. Who can resist???

Poor Bill hates Rudolph. Well, maybe not Rudolph personally, but you know that stop-motion movie with Kris Kringle and the wizard guy and then at the end the reindeer eat magic corn to make themselves fly? Yeah, he hates that movie. We were singing all the songs just to annoy him. “Put one foot in front of the other! And soon you’ll be walking cross the flo-o-orr!” Et cetera. Poor Bill. Poor, poor Bill. ;P

Poncho (who is supposed to be doing school right now) has just given me a re-enactment of how Qui-Gon Jinn got “stabbed by a double lightsaber like THISSS!!!” Then he did a bunch of jumping around. Which reminded me that we went to see Star Wars IN CONCERT!

Yeah, I know. Totally the BOMB! Except, you know, the crowds and stuff. But we didn’t have to sit in crappy seats and even though we were still far away if you closed your eyes it sounded like the orchestra was right in your face! It was really cool. Even though I am such a non-Star Wars nerd that I didn’t even know how to spell Qui-Gon Jinn. I had to ask Dodge for his trading cards. Plus I always need to have him explain the movies to me. But then at the concert I felt smart becuase I was sitting next to Mom and had to explain things to her. :D

Yep, lately my days have been both frazzled and frabjous. Mostly frabjous, though. :)



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