Senior Citizen

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh you guys!

Seriously? Really? Did I just enter my first year of Senior Girl Scouts?
Sheesh. I am getting old. (And yet I incessantly stand on my head… do you think, at my age, it is right?) OK, I’m laughing now… how do I always manage to make some kind of Lewis Carroll joke in like every other blog post/personal essay that I write, while still knowing that no one will get it? That’s why my friends need to read the same books I do. (That means YOU, Bug! Ahem, remember? The Thief Lord?) And watch the movies. Becuase somehow there is always the perfect setup for a very clever joke referencing some book or movie or poem that I know very well, and when I make the joke I am the only one laughing becuase no one else knows what I am talking about. And if they don’t know me that well and are not used to such seemingly random outbursts, they may be prone to walking away quickly to escape the crazy person.

Anyway, the ceremony was pretty good. Val came dressed like a rapper. She wore her dad’s jeans (so they hung way down low. Sagging, isn’t that what the young people say these days?) and his work boots, and oversize T-shirt, a sideways ballcap, and she also had giant bling (a paper chain with sparkles drawn on.) Her rap that she did at the end of the ceremony was a riot. It included lyrics like, “We’re selling cookies, yo; look at us scrapin in alla dis dough!” Then we had someone do a Kanye impersonation and be like, “Hey, I’mma let you finish, but my boy Usher is the best rapper in the world. The best in the world!” Then Val was all, “Oh no you didn’t!” Also, Mel got a little obsessed with what she called “Senior Land”, which was basically the other side of the bridge/path (moving up a level is called bridging) and so she HAD to make a big neon orange sign that said “Welcome to Senior Land.” Then she heard that our next field trip would be an afternoon tea, and she got VERY excited. She’s kind of obsessed with that now. :D

After the ceremony, we zipped over to where Bethesda was having their Immaculate Conception get-together. Mass was already over but I got to eat some stuff and I also got a Confirmation present from the DHF’s mom, which Eliza had wrapped so nicely that I almost didn’t want to open it. Glad I did, though, because inside the wrapping were two books, one with a saint for every day and cause along with very cool art, and another was a bunch of Pope Benedict’s talks to the youth. I already started reading that one, and I like it a lot. When I’m reading, I automatically imagine him standing by a river on a sunny day, wearing red robes with the pope hat on. I kind of forget that he’s old. When he was first elected after JP2, I didn’t know if I was going to like him very much (Amanda didn’t either– she’s not a big fan of the name Benedict) but now I really do. :) I think it’s good that he’s continuing to talk to and engage the youth of the world, and to keep the World Youth Days, and that he made a trip to America. 

Well, I’m off to do some more school before my ASL teacher comes. 

From Senior Land, 


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