fall on your knees

You know, for sentimental value, The Little Drummer Boy is my favorite Christmas song. But as for the older carols… I think “O Holy Night” is my favorite. It perfectly embodies all the emotions that I personally feel around Christmastime. The joy, the mystery, the hope, even the kind of bittersweet-ness. There is something bittersweet, but… well, maybe that’s not the right word. Do you know what I mean? Maybe. I don’t know what I’m trying to say.

I’ve been sitting here for maybe almost an hour trying to express what I was thinking in the car today while listening to that song but I just can’t. It’s hard to explain. But that song! That’s why I love it. It expressed those things for me. I can sing it and think, ‘I’m singing exactly the emotions I feel, even if I can’t explain them in words to other people, these are they.’ When the song says “Fall on your knees”, it’s like I want to. I always get this mental image of like, the hour of the birth of Christ striking, and then suddenly people everywhere just falling on their knees wherever they are. Streetcorners, snowbanks, homes, everywhere. I wish we could do that for real. I wish Christians/Catholics were more like that. We never do anything cool like that, though.

Naw. We’re too lame to do that. And I’m as much a coward and a lame-o as everyone else, as much as I hate to be– I still am.

But still…. sometime soon, listen to that part of the song. The soaring notes, the expressive words. Maybe something will come to you, as it did to me, and maybe my wish can come true and together we can fall on our knees.


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