I thought it said with every tick…

…I am so sick, so sick, so sick….!

I HATE being sick. I loathe it. The alternately stuffy/runny nose, the sore throat, the ache in my bones, feeling very cold and then later being way too hot… UGH! Sinus infection. And I thought I wasn’t going to get more than a cold this year. Oh well, as long as I feel better in a few days, I’ll be OK. And praises be that I can swallow a pill. I hate the liquid medicine. I’m allergic to the regular kind, so they used to have to give me this gross kind that seemed like it had grains of sand in it. Not only did it taste awful, but the grit would just not go away. This time, though, I made perfectly sure the doctor got me the pill kind. Much easier to take, since one doesn’t taste it really.

So Dodge is also sick, with the same thing, but a little worse. We made Dad take us to the movie rental place after the doctor’s office so we could get something to watch during sickness. We ended up getting the first 4 epsodes of Lost season 1, and we watched them all at once as soon as we got home. I have many new ideas and theories… I really want to send a letter to JJ Abrams and all the other writers to tell them about how I figured out their show. Except I don’t have it totally figured out (who does?) so I guess I might just send them my theory and be like, “Figured this much out before the end!!” I do not think I am wrong. I really hope the ending of the show is good, like so I can watch it and be like, “that is SO COOL!!” or “I shoulda known all along!” But I have the sinking feeling that they will end the last episode the way they end all of them, where you’re like “NOOOO it can’t end NOW!!!” and then you have to wait awhile to watch the next episode. Except the last one won’t have a ‘next week’ so that would really stink. If they do that, I will be pretty mad. In both meanings of the word– angry and crazy. I mean, I would get over it in a few days but think of the people who have been watching since it started! I would imagine they would be quite incensed.

Anyway, I think I am pretty sure I am right about the whole thing, but I will not tell you what I think becuase then someone will totally steal my thunder and send a letter to the writers first. Grr.

Ouch. I can’t talk. It hurts my throat too much. I am being summoned for bedtime. I don’t know how I will get to sleep in this condition, but I am pretty tired. It’s been a long day.

arrivederci and buon ritorno,


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