Here’s to the birthday boy who saved our lives

Well, I finally got over my sickness. Mostly. I am still blowing my nose like I’m some kind of crazed goose going “honk, honk!” Dodge said to me yesterday, “What, is there a swamp in there or something?”

Speaking of Dodge. OMG. (Oh, just a note, that stands for oh my gosh, peeps! Just saying. Something in a magazine made me think to mention it. I just wanted to make it clear that no, I am not breaking a commandment when I say OMG. Cuz MY G stands for gosh, or goodness, or gloamglozer. Jeepers, peepers.)

Anyway, Dodge was in rare form tonight. We were going to a housewarming party but we had to stop at the drugstore to get some coughdrop things (my entire family is sick now, of course) and so he and I waited in the car while Mom went into the store. I started singing Christmas songs to annoy him, especially since Mom bought the Taylor Swift Chrsitmas CD (hence the above title… from one of the songs) and Dodge absolutely hates Taylor! I know, right? How could anyone hate Taylor Swift? She’s great! Not only can she sing, but she doesn’t do any pole dancing or anything (cough-Miley-cough) and she isn’t a fake (again, coughcoughMileycough). But whatever, Dodge only likes rock n’ roll, so yeah I guess that contributes. Anyway, while I was singing he kept poking me from behind, and then I unbuckled and threatened him, and so he went to the very back of the car and threw a pack of tissues at my face, which I just kind of watched come at me and then it hit me right between the eyes.
Dodge was all, “Wow, great reflexes!”
Me: “Oh yeah…”
Dodge: “Oooh, okay Anakin.” We always make fun of Anakin Skywalker, becuase he’s soooo annoying!!! That little braid he has in Attack of the Clones makes me want to jump through the TV with a pair of scissors. Not to mention he’s always so emotional. I mean, dude. What does Padme (aka coolness!) see in him? And then– Ok, different story. I’ll tell that one next.

Then Mom got in the car while I was about to throw the tissues back at him (very mature, I know), and she was like, “Don’t even.” So of course I never got my revenge! Which reminds me of the time I was doing homework with Allie, and we started throwing stuff at each other (again, very mature) and
Me: “Revenge is sweet!”
Allie: (timidly) “Only when you’re bitter!”
LOL. I miss her.  

But here’s more news! I cannot belive this myself, but I watched Attack of the Clones not once, but twice! How many times has Dodge watched it, and I just plain left the room? I must have been really sick. It was really okay, though I had many thoughts about the whole Padme/Anakin thing, which I won’t go into here because you probably won’t really get what I’m talking about unless you live in a Star-Wars-crazy household like I do. But I will tell you one thing: If I’d been Padme, Anakin’s stupid hair would have been evidence enough that he was about as smart as Doofenshmirtz and not nearly as lovable.  

Which reminds me of a conversation I had with my mother about guys… It begam with talking about how so many of them sag their pants, and how I will never find a guy who is, shall we say, up to par not only non-sagging wise, but also just personality wise. How will I ever be able to find a guy that isn’t narcissistic, making rude jokes, and just… I don’t know what the word is. But let’s not get off track going into my requirements for a good guy– just stick to the story, Pen.
Me: All those guys are dumb. I mean really.
Mom: Well, what if you meet a guy, in the library, reading a book you love, and you talk and you fall in love with him, and then he stands up and you notice that he’s wearing saggy pants.
Me: (thinking to myself, well, a guy in the library reading my favorite book and talking to me would probably not have saggy pants, but still…) Well, I would say, Pull ’em up, cuz I love you but I can’t take home like that! Hopefully he would get the hint. I would buy him belts, too, just to get my point across.
Mom thought that was pretty humorous.

And yes, I do plan on meeting a guy at the library. If God has one for me, that would probably be where He’s drop him off to meet me. Reading something like… um…. I would say to Kill a Mockingbird, but a lot of people have to read that for school. So, something he would choose himself…. Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter much as long as it’s a real book, you know? And not one that I hate. That would be good enough for me.
I don’t care what he looks like, or where he goes to school (his own house would be preferable, but hey I’m open-minded), or anything like that. I’m not picky about much, actually. Just so long as he was unique, and different, and understood me. Like, it would just click. I always love a guy who reads and/or writes, not that I have met many. :/ There’s no guys at my school who aren’t related to me, so yeah. Kind of a problem, and kind of a blessing, too. Because I’m not limited by how people at school would/did judge me. You know what? Heck with it! It’s a great feeling to dress the way you want, say what you want, and do whatever you want and the naysayers can’t touch you. You should try it sometime. :)  

Well, I guess I’m skipping out on you now. I want to try to finish chapter 8 of my dear novel so that I can have the maximum amount of stuff critiqued next writer’s group meeting, since I’m only sending them 14 pages so far. I might just push it to twenty or more. So maybe I only need to write about half of chaper 8, who knows? My chapters are all weird. Some of them can end up being like five pages, other can be waaayyy more. Oh well. However this one measures up, I won’t fin out till I actually sit my butt in the chair, focus, and write. I have the butt in the chair part down, at least. ;P

Only 6 more days till Christmas!!! 

Excitedly Yours,


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