When I said “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”, that is NOT what I meant!

Yesterday night I came out of my bedroom after changing into my Pj’s. Daisy instantly slunk away from me. Then what to my wondering eyes did appear? But a huge chewed-up mess and my dog Lily dear.

She ate an entire box of Puff’s Plus tissues (as in, the kind with lotion!)!!! We got that, um, luxurious kind becuase we’ve all been blowing our noses about every three seconds. And the kicker? There was a roll of toilet paper sitting right next to the tissues. She couln’t eat five cent toilet paper? She had to eat the Puffs!!! Bad doggie!!! Seriously, the entire floor was white with chewed-up tissue. It was like snow. Oh, Lily! When I said, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”, that is NOT what I meant!

She has a very cute “I’m sorry” face, though.  So I forgave her. :)

In other news,  I have officially found some pretty great presents for people. Today I unexpectedly found a great one for Allie, although I might give it to her for her brithday instead of Christmas since I already had a pretty good Christmas idea for her too. (Something handmade…) But I have Poncho’s present all ready except it just needs wrapped, I have Dodge’s a third of the way done, and Dad’s will take me only a few minutes. It’s a little bit sad, though, because his present this year is a bit of a step down from last year when I, being as cool as I am, got him Spirit’s “The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus” (which I myself borrow quite often, I like it) which he had been wanting for some time. Of course now I remember all those hints he was dropping about another certain CD, but hey, maybe for his birthday. ;)

So yeah. I feel like one of Santa’s elves or something. Last night I helped Mom put bows on people’s gifts, and stick some under the tree… She wouldn’t even let me touch the ones she got for me though. I helped her hide some evidence, too. Mwaha. And then I realized how good she is at keeping all this stuff top secret. I’m really excited to give my gifts to people. I mean, I kind of am not as excited for waking up really early on Christmas morning and running to the tree as I used to be (gosh I sound so old!) but I am really psyched for Christmas in general. In the past, it used to be me who would wake up the boys early in the morning (“Santa came, Santa came!”) but last year they had to wake me up. It was weird. But nice. I used to have some trouble sleeping the night before Christmas becuase I was too excited, but I actually got a good rest last year.

So I guess I’ll be pretty busy today and tomorrow– very busy. I want to finish cleaning (including my bedroom, for once! Though I fear chaos theory in that regard, ha-ha… That was a joke.) and then I have to make a few things, wrap a few things, and convince people not to make a mess by throwing a bunch of stuff on every available surface. (We call that “Violating” in our house. Whenever someone does it I say in a robot voice, “Violation! Violation!”) Also we have to try and keep Lily from knocking over the Christmas tree. It’s in front of one of the windows, so when the mailman comes she can’t see him, and then she runs behind the tree and this morning she ripped through some of the lovely wrapping Mom did. Luckily, it was Lily’s own present (a doggie bed… which she will probably eat, just like those tissues.)

Oh, yeah! Brought it all full-circle now, watch me do it like a pro! Haha. I’m off to work on my novel now. Cheerio!

Tidings of comfort and joy,


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