a long and disorganized post

Yesterday I cleaned my bedroom, (finally!) and I feel sooo much better. I think I’ve fully recovered from… everything. The sickness, the tiredness, and even my slightly depressed feelings from yesterday. (Long story). There is just something about cleaning that makes me feel relaxed. Weird, right? Not that I’m about to hire myself out as a maid or anything, but I actually don’t mind cleaning.

I want to still re-organize my shelves and stuff, to give my room a different look without having to move any of the furniture, which is pretty precariously stuffed in there right now. My desk/bookshelves are huge-looking inside my little bedroom, and my settee and little bookshelf are perfect where they are, becuase of the fairies. I was thinking of moving the settee all the way into the corner, but that would not give my fairy habitat any light, which i think would make them sad. They already have PTSD because my dogs chewed them up and one of them, Rose, had to have total facial reconstruction (lucky her, I am used to fixing things with sewing) and they all needed wing re-attachment which didn’t really work out as well as I’d hoped, and Daisy ate poor Dahlia’s skirt about four times, so I might have to make her a completely new one, or attampt to sew that one instead of using the cruddy fabric glue again. Sigh.

Anyway, yeah. I like to mess with my room a lot. Right now I have a huge drawing the size of the wall hanging up. It’s a drawing of the Bridge of Sighs (Venice, Italy) that my dad did for some kind of Girl Scout function once, and then I adopted it becuase I’ve always wanted the bridge on my wall! But it’s better than having it painted, becuase if I get sick of it, I can always take it down very easily. That’s why I just keep my bedroom walls plain yellow. Then, if I want to have some kind of different decor, all I have to do is rearrage a few things, add a few things, and voila! Completely new look. I wish there was a way to do that with clothes…. Well, I suppose I could alter them……

Which reminds me. Once upon a time, I was at the DHF’s house. They have a rope swing on their front tree that Dodge put up one day and we all liked it so much that it never got taken down. Bug and I were swinging on the rope swing. May I state that I was wearing a dress, like I do every day, it was green and white striped and fairly new. Well, I took my turn on the swing and got really high, but then it twisted and I fell against the tree, stumbled backward, and fell on the grass, all the time hearing this big ripping sound. Get where I’m going with this? Yeah. I ripped a big hole in my dress on the far left side, and it made me a little worried. The piece that went there was all mangled and there was no way i could just sew up a hole that big. Bug said we should go inside and ask Eliza, so we did, and she had perfectly matching green fabric. I wore one of their dresses while Eliza went to work. She expertly cut and stitched, and in a very short time it was all better! She had made it into a pocket for me, which I thought was very clever, and she said it was the first time she ever made a pocket, but it was perfect! Then the real test: Mom came back. It took her a couple minutes to notice the pocket. “Was that always there?” she asked. “I never noticed it before.”
Me: “Hehe. Yeah, about that…”
Mom agreed about the perfect pocket, and so it all ended happily ever after. The best part is now I’m the only person in the world who has that exact dress, and the story to go with it! I always think of Eliza when I wear it, too. :)

That’s just my personailty, I guess. I like to be the only one, the most unique. I will never wear those ugly Ugg-style boots that everyone has mostly becuase everyone has them (but don’t you think they’re Uggly?). I won’t wear two-color plaid shirts becuase everyone has them. But it stinks becuase, let’s face it, I am on the cusp of fashion. TWO summers before dresses/skirts were big for summer wear, I was desperately searching for skirts and dresses becuase I hated shorts. (I will still only wear a certain two pairs). Last winter, before colorful peacoats were big, my neighbor handed me down a pumpkin-orange peacoat that she wasn’t using anymore. I love it and plan on wearing it forever… and it’s, again, very unique, despite the fact that those coats are big now, they can’t manage to get quite the same shade of orange, nor quite as warm a fabric either. Oh, and before plaid was huge? I got a plaid dress! Before tights were the “it” accessory? I was wearing tights daily! (well, duh, if you wear dresses, it’s kind of a no-brainer in the wintertime). 

Hey, speaking of being ahead of the game…. I seriously need to write to the writers of Lost, becuase WE HAVE HAD A BREAKTHROUGH! I was in the car at the McDonald’s drive thru with Mom, who hasn’t really watched the episodes very consistently but knows enough to know what I’m talking about most of the time, and I was saying how in the sixth season they were going to reveal who the 2 bodies in the cave were. Personally, I think it will be someone we know, and I told her that. Why would they intorduce new characters in the final season, with such little time to tie up all the loose ends? Um, they wouldn’t. From a writer’s perspective, NO. Plus how creepy would it be, with all that time travel hoopla, to make it be someone that we know! Desmond and Penny, Jack and Kate, Sun and Jin…. and then Mom was like, “What about ————-?”
Me: “YES!” becuase she was absolutely right, and I am so not telling anyone else. Unless I know them. Like my ASL teacher.
I’m telling you, peeps. I am so gonna be right on this one! I have figured out the entire big picture of the show!! Of course I still don’t know some stuff, but I know what the show IS. I have untangled its core! And solved that stupid cave people mystery which is actually not that stupid and a very obvious answer if you think about it!!! Hoo-rah!

I get very excited about solving things. Cuz there’s a lot about the show that I don’t like, and a lot that we have to fast forward (I mean, really…) but at its core, there is a mystery that makes for a lot of fun brain-powered clue-solving. It’s brought Dodge and me together. We used to fight a lot more than we do now. We hardly fight anymore, now that I think about it. We disagree, but we don’t get into a huge shouting match. We’re a team now, solving the mystery together. Without each other, we wouldn’t have been able to figure out so much, because it’s like I have one half of the map and he has the other so we have to follow it together or we’ll never find the answer. I’m glad that we’re a team now, I really am. Dodge is funny, and actually fun to be around when we’re getting along. We even have inside jokes together!

Ahhhh, wow. Long post. Sorry ’bout that. ;D

2 days till Christmas!!!! YAY!!!!


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