even now, when I and thou are half a life asunder…

We have some catchign up to do, you and I. Although we’re not asunder quite so much as half a life. Just a few weeks, give or take.

But anyway, I have several posts hanging out in various places, mostly about my adventures over Christmas and the beginning of the New Year, which involve my family, gingerbread, and weird Pennsylvanians. But I also have a few thoughtful posts germinating in Word, products of my musings on clothes, books, the environment, etc. So I hope to have those up soon as well.

So yeah. Just dropping in to assure you that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, froze to death, or fallen off the highway and into a ditch in PA. Although that nearly did happen–and that will be one of the posts that is forthcoming. I just need to upload the pictures and sort it all out on here, and then you can read all about it.

4 More Days till my Birthday!!!! (and even more frightening, 6 more months till temps! Woot!)


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