tempest in a teacup

Hullo. Would you care for tea and crumpets?

Personally crumpets make me think of the Grinch, you know, Mount Crumpet, but whatever… Scones are good though. And second of all, really, have you ever heard a real British person say ‘tea and crumpets’ like that? Maggie says she is offended by– “Silly Amereecans!” “Oh, hush, Pierre”– outdated impersonations of Brits. Like in At Bertram’s Hotel, they comment on how Americans have this weird idea of England (“They’ve read Cranford, and that”) as being so un-modern when it’s actually quite like America, except with a monarchy and an accent, and a few different customs like boarding schools, trains, and bonfire day… Still. I doubt they say Pippip cherrio anymore, if you know what I mean.

Aaaanyway, I didn’t come here just to babble. Well, maybe I did, but on more than one subject. Ha-ha. :P

Hmmmmm… Tea. It is my latest interest. Ever since Girl Scouts went on a field trip to this tea place and had a real, formal, delicate, lovely, English-ish tea (the sort they would have at Bertram’s Hotel, I imagine), I have decided that i like tea very much. They had this great kind there, it was a loose leaf tea called Gemini, and everyone hated it but Emma and I LOVED it, drank about two kettles of it, even while everyone else succumbed to hot chocolate. I think they might’ve liked it better if they hadn’t put a lot of sugar in it right away. I tasted it first and it didn’t really need much sugar, if any. So maybe they accidentally made theirs too sweet. Plus Emma taught me how to drink tea the proper way (don’t let it touch your upper lip, take a small sip, etc etc) so that was cool too.

So Mom and I were getting a couple things from the grocery store and we were getting Dad green tea (Miss Mattie would have been horrified!) and Mom suggested I try some kinds of herbal tea so I got this assorted box and have been trying all the different kinds. So far I tasted Ginger Twist (very good), Apple Cinnamon (disgusting), and Chamomile (very nice.)
So yesterday night my back was hurting, so I was lying down on the couch and decided to have some Chamomile because it sounded nice (another word to add to my list on AP… oh it just keeps getting longer… I am inclined to think it will never cease) and Dad remarked that it was a good nighttime tea, so it was a good choice.
Me: “Oh? How do you know it’s good for nighttime?”
Dad: “Well don’t you remember, in… oh, what’s that… that thing with bunnies… Peter Rabbit! In Peter Rabbit–” (Mama Rabbit impression) “Come into the den, dearies! Have some chamomile tea before bed!”
Me: (staring) “I don’t even remember that…”
But he was right and it was very good. I drank it all while they watched American Idol (I was too ill to move off the couch with the heating pad and the pile of blankets, so I really had no choice but to endure… that show…. yeah. Wow. Pfft. and that’s all I have to say about it).

Today I think I will be brave and try Lemon or Orange…

Peace and Pippip cheerio (just for the heck of it… and I have seen Cranford, on masterpiece classic. It was the best! it had the lady who plays Miss Marple, and the guy who plays Victor, and the plot/characters/story/everything was just totally my thing…. and I about died laughing when it came to, as one of them put it, the “Lace Emergency”! LOL.)


PS the title was chosen because it’s from some song I’ve never heard (but I have heard of). It fit my overall theme of tea and what the heck, I liked the line. ;)


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