“I better get written about on that blog”

That’s what Mom jokingly told me last night as she carried laundry downstairs to be sorted and washed. You see, we were talking about how much she spoils me. Well… I don’t really think spoil is the right word though. It’s not like she just gives me anything I want and I never have to work for anything. I mean, I actually do a lot of work around here. In addition to my full-time job as a student/novelist, I cook, clean, take care of pets, whatever. (Call me weird, but I actually kind of like having to do that stuff. It makes me feel all old-fashioned and in-charge.) But Mom is always… ah, here’s the word: nurturing me. Just last night she took me to dance, got me dinner and whisked me away to a beekeeping class I signed up for at the county fair over the summer. She sat in it with me and offered encouragement despite the fact that she does not like bees. Any bees. At all. (Although half the things people think of as bees are really types of wasps. Real, true honeybees are really gentle, especially if they’re just out collecting pollen, because they only sting to protect the nest. If they’re out in the field the nest is not nearby, and so they don’t feel threatened if you come near.) 

She takes me to writer’s group and when I’m being critiqued she takes notes for me. She edits draft after draft of my novels. She diligently looks for solo dresses on the internet, helps me practice my hard shoe dances in front of a mirror, and takes me to dance twice a week. She’s signe dme up for/ecnouraged me in so many activities throughout my life that, if she hadn’t I think I would be just a boring sort of person now. I mean I would have like no interests such as flute, dance, knitting, writing, botany, beekeeping… I owe her a lot. It makes me sad when she feels like she’s a bad mom because she forgot to do something (like help me with algebra… yeah I was real broke up about that) or whatever.

Also, she is very funny. I don’t know why but she cracks me up. We have a lot of inside jokes, I guess because we spend so much time together, and a lot of people might think it’s weird but I’m glad that we’re so close.

So, anyway, Mom– I’d basically be lost without you. You’re incredible.



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