we put on our winter skin

our winter skin, and walk…

And we watch the snow fall.

Because it is falling, very much so, all over the country I hear. Some global warming. I do like snow, and I do so love winter and its mysterious, grey, see-your-breath, clear night skies atmosphere, but I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m getting kind of sick of this. I think it’s not so much the constant cold or the bad driving conditions or the fact that I am continually forced to wear jeans and shoes (my two pet peeves clothing-wise… if it were up to me I would always wear skirts and walk barefoot), but it’s really just that I can’t do anything in the winter. I am an outside kind of person, and if I can’t get outside I pace and act like a marsh wiggle. In any other season this is easily remedied; even in the rain I can walk the dogs around the block, or hang out in our backyard fort. But with six feet of snow on the sidewalk and sub-zero temperatures, it’s such a hassle to get outside. The closest thing to the outdoors I get is playing Island Cycling on the Wii Fit. What is the world coming to?!? 

Anyway. There’s other stuff going on in the world besides the dumb weather. I must be getting old or something, starting a conversation in that manner.

Well, Dad is very close to the end of Catching Fire. He didn’t read it for a while because of all the camps and stuff, but I think he’ll be done by next week. I read that book in five hours, btw, but I’m still impressed with how quickly Dad has chewed through these despite the numerous “girly” parts in Catching Fire. I knew he would like book one because it has a lot of survival, hunting, action, etc. But he seems to like book two as well. Yay! :D

When I was reading Catching Fire, in the part where *spioler alert* President Snow comes to “chat” with Katniss, I had a small freakout moment and almost stopped reading. Why? Because through that whole part she keeps mentioning how President Snow is really creepy and kind of disgusting and also very strong-smelling. He wears a rose in his lapel that is genetically enhanced to smell very strongly. But Katniss also thinks she smells the distinct scent of blood coming off of him, but she’s not sure where it’s coming from, him or the weird rose. Then when he says goodbye, it says: The smell of blood… it was on his breath.
The second I read that I looked up from my book and shrieked, “PRESIDENT SNOW IS A VAMPIRE?”
Everyone in my family immediately come running to my aid saying, “Huh? What? What happened, are you okay? Why are you jumping in circles making angry faces like that?”
Luckily, all the blood/breath stuff was just for added creepiness. Like we needed any more of that when Snow is basically killing people off left and right without even breaking a sweat, threatening to have Gale die in an accidentally-on-purpose mine explosion and have Prim sent off to the Games, and then in the next breath thanking Katniss’ mother for the tea and cookies. 
Vampires suck.
(I just read that over and realized that it’s a pun. LOL. XD )

And… what else is going on around here? I watched a great episode of Frontline all about technology, and you can watch it here: www.pbs.org . It was really good, a bit long, but nonetheless I found it pretty interesting since it fits in with all my thoughts on the world in this wired age. Maybe one of my upcoming posts will be about technology, and my generation, etc…. but maybe not. I feel too lazy to do that right now. Ugh. See, it’s getting me, too!!!

I think that’s all I’ll say for now, since I don’t want to get too disorganized in this poor little posty. ;) Next time, I will try to be a little less all over the place, and to talk more in depth. We need to talk, you and I. About a great many things. (A little Palpatine there, just for good measure. Uh, not that the Emperor would really be considered “good” measure. oh phooey. I need to log off before I keep running my mouth and become completely irrelevant.)

Peace out,


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