let’s play kings and queens

[“Let’s play kings and queens.” “You mean king and queen, since there’s only two of us.” “Fine, then– you be one of them, and I’ll be all the rest!”] {why must I always start with a quote? I think I’m addicted. ;) }

Today I spent most of the day writing. From about 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon, I was working on my new novel (I’m taking a break from Oak Heart… sad I know, but it must be done or I fear we are done for) because at the last moment I was notified of two people not sending in a manuscript for February’s writing group meeting, so I had a chance to send in a chapter or two. Last night I stayed up until maybe one in the morning, working in a glorious hurry, and then this morning I immediately set back to work, thinking that I would finish up chapter two and submit that as well.

I did finish it, but it was horrid, so I deleted it and just used chapter one (after I fixed a minor inconsistency). Amazing day. I feel very empowered. Yesterday I was having a “bad self-esteem day” but then last night, writing, I felt on top of the world. And this morning was even better, because  I read it over and found that it was actually coherent. Sometimes I write things late at night and then the next day they make absolutely no sense.

So… the new story’s going great. And as always, I’m looking forward to Saturday’s writers’ meeting. :D

Big snowstorm outside is very pretty, very cold, and very stupid all at the same time. Pretty and cold are self-explanatory, but here’s why it’s stupid.
It’s all people are talking about.
I mean, it’s Ohio. What do you expect, people? Really. Everything is canceled (like dance… sigh) and it’s so dumb because all the main roads are perfectly clear! Plus it’s slowing down already. Poncho’s out in it (the madman) playing with his friends right now. He’s chief of their Ice Mine. What they’re doing exactly I have no idea, only that as much as I would like to do something more physically demanding than sitting on my tushie here in front of the computer (at least my fingers are getting exercise…), that is just not going to happen. I hate suiting up for snow activity.

I want to cross-country ski. That is my next “thing to learn”. Oh! beekeeping class #2 today! Huzzah!

Dodge is bugging me to get off the computer and hang out with him instead. So… I think I will. 

Happily yours,


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