Beautiful Lenten Sunday that Subsequently Became Awkward

It’s the first Sunday of Lent; the weather is turning springy, the sun is actually shining, the icicles are falling off the side of the house with thunks that could wake the dead, and I am seriously craving me some chocolate. I gave it up for Lent and basically every day since Ash Wednesday there’s been a nice yummy chocolate thing that I can’t eat staring me in the face. I mean, I baked 48 chocolate cupcakes for Girl Scouts and I didn’t get to lick the spoon!
I will say I’m proud of myself though. A hard sacrifice for a chocoholic like me, but definitely a good one to be making.

So this morning was amazing. I awoke from a dream that revealed a layer of my new novel, one that I was really looking for. Perfect, considering I was planning on making this a “writing day.” I rolled out of bed with plenty of time to eat breakfast. My favorite dress was clean. I would call the current temperature “brisk” instead of “frigid”. Mass was really good. I got an idea for a poem.

Then… It began….

Mom showed me the bulletin, which was advertising a High School Youth Ministry board game night later today. She suggested I go, I said why not, sure I will. Then as we’re leaving, some people I used to know came up to me. Now, I should mention that from K-1st grade I went to STM’s school. This girl used to be my best friend, but when I switched schools we lost contact.
And wow.
We are from totally different universes. I barely recognized her.
Her mom knew me, though, and the first question she asked me was “What school do you go to?”
I smiled and said, “We’re homeschooled now.”
If eyes are the window to the soul, I know for sure she was internally saying, “OMG homeschooled?!” in a repulsed tone. But she was just like, “Ohhhh…. that’s nice.”
Me: “Oh yeah, we love it.”
From there the conversation became increasingly awkward as she talked about the high school her daughter now attends, boyfriends, houses, and homeschooling.

Ugh. I feel the need to explain (again) that homeschooling is the best thing ever. It’s so easy on families, so flexible and fun, yet so fulfilling, hands-on, and educational. Subjects that take schooled children an hour take me perhaps twenty minutes. I do not waste an hour of my life driving to and from school. There are no grades (I hate grades– especially when kids get grounded because of them. I feel like grabbing their parents and yelling, “IT’S A LETTER FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE!”), no dumb crap you don’t care about, you learn in the style which best suits you, on and on and on for hours about the benefits of homeschooling and how freeing it is.

(which reminds me. I have a very funny story about this subject, pertaining to the DHFs, newspeople, and closets. Remind me to tell it later.)

So… I had to bite my tongue. Then of course she mentions something about how “Well there’s always Youth Group” and about how maybe if I go to the game night tonight it will be “a fun reuinion” of all the people I went to school with in the first grade.
Sorry, but I’ll pass.
I don’t really want a blast from the past. I do not want to meet all these people that I used to know who are now living on Planet Ugg, who will think I am a total weirdo in my dress and homeschooled outlook.
The awkwardness physically pains me. I don’t know if I’ll go. Mom thinks it will be better if I go with someone I know, but even this person is someone I haven’t seen in like 2-3 years. Dear Dicots! But I still might go.

Well. I have to bid thee good day. I am being dragged off to the grocery store. Again.
So much for writing….

Au Revoir,

PS and no, I do not know any real French– so excuse the above spelling. If it is indeed incorrect.
PPS That whole last sentence… “Brought to you by the letter ‘I’.”


One thought on “Beautiful Lenten Sunday that Subsequently Became Awkward

  1. momromp

    Nice post. I can kind of relate. I went to a parochial school K-5th grade and then got to transfer to the only all girls’ school in our city (it was a private, secular school…no religious affiliation…and so my road to paganism was forged in 6th grade). Anyway, anytime we would go to mass back then, I would inevitably run into classmates from the old school. Who would treat me like an outsider, a weirdo, a closet lesbian (because, you know, you must be gay if you CHOOSE to go to a single sex school), etc.

    Frankly, some people are just jackasses. Seems like you are very grounded in and content with your life, so I’d say you’re in a far better place than most teenagers.

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