why did the boy throw a clock out the window?

I cannot believe it is practically the weekend already. Well, it’s only Thursday, but it’s the end of the “textbook week”, since I don’t usually do work from my textbooks on Fridays. Unless I have catching up to do (which I will, since I was sick the other day). So usually Friday is like a weekend to me. And Sunday is like a weekstart. Hm.

Saturday we’re going to the Girl Scout Mall Overnighter, which I am looking forward to but I do think I may  be a bit disappointed this year. I guess some stores are too silly to realize that GS isn’t just little kids, so they close for the night and therefore get no extra moolah. Well, fine, then, Forever 21– be that way! At least I think Charlotte Russe is open. I love that store, usually. I tell you though, the stores I like more and more for buying clothes are Salvation Army, Target, and the fabric store (by which I mean I have almost completely given up on stores selling cool dresses, so I make my own).

Anyway. I need to get some sleep tonight and tomorrow, otherwise I will fall asleep at the overnighter again, and I would prefer not to do that. ;)

Oh! I have a funny story about Girl Scouts…
Our troop is mostly high schoolers, and a bunch of them go to the same school. Well, one time April went to remind Jazmine that there was a meeting. She pulls her aside in the hall and goes, “Hey, are you coming to Girl Scouts tonight?” and Jazmine was like, “uhhh… what?” Later, at the meeting, she informed April, “It’s GS! You have to call it GS!” It’s her little code so people don’t think she’s in a ‘little-kid’ thing.

I love our troop. :D

Well, as the long week comes to a close I must say that I feel very accomplished. I’m ahead of scedule with history, botany is finally getting out of mold and algae, and now that I’m over my sickness things are back in order. :)

I have to go now… time to get ready for flute. Ugh. I didn’t practice very much.

Adieu (adieu, to you and you and you),


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