You ate what!?

Well. The mall overnighter was fun, I am still kind of tired (probably didn’t help that I stayed up till 1 am last night, but oh well. I was writing). Also while there, I discovered that I am a failure at shopping.
First of all, I am very slow. I look at everything, ponder for a bit, then try it on and if it fits, ponder some more. Secondly, I have found that shopping by myself is excessively difficult. I mean, I actually ask my mom to come help me. This is not a very good sign for my “Independence Campaign”. I mean most people my age are trying to ditch their parents at the mall, not take them along! And so to conclude, I have realized at long last that I am just not cut out for shopping. I hated shopping until at least fifth or sixth grade. Now I like it, but only because I enjoy having cute clothes. (And necklaces– I think I am going to have a necklace fetish, because I saw a bunch of them Saturday night! Oh, and I bought myself a very cool Alice in Wonderland shirt. :) )

In other news….
Eliza ate ALLIGATOR!
She and the rest of the DHFs are in Florida (lucky!!!) soaking up the sunshine right now. Apparently Rachel convinced Eliza to eat alligator like this: “If you eat it, you can tell Pen you ate alligator”, so she ate it! I was like wow! I would probably never try any. But she said it was actually pretty yummy… I am very impressed! :D

I miss them… and the sun… and oh yeah, there was once this thing called summer…

I guess that’s all for now. Time to go make some broccoli (ew). ;)

Peace out,


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