in a dark, dark closet…

Once upon a time, the DHFs were watching the news, and something came up about homeschoolers. Then one of the newscasters (and this is, like, national news) says, “Homeschoolers? You mean those kids who are locked up in closets?”


Oh, how we LOL’d at that one. But I have an even better, real-life scenario:
Checkout lady: where do you  go to school?
Bug: I’m homeschooled.
Checkout lady: Ohhh… Do you have your own friends?
PoorBill: No, we borrow other people’s.

Well, I was just thinking about this today… Makes me laugh every time. ;) It’s a gorgeous day today. Sunshine, shorts weather, everything! YAY!!!! So now I’m done with schoolwork and off to play outside, and it’s only 11:30.

Yup. I’m in that closet all right.


4 thoughts on “in a dark, dark closet…

  1. momromp

    Thanks so much for a good laugh. Like I’ve said before, I am continually amazed by the mix of ignorance and nonsense that comes out of most peoples’ mouths.

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