Thumbing Our Noses

So we had to go grocery shopping… my least-favorite thing to do, like, ever. I HATE the big grocery store! We try to get everything we can from this little marketplace/store that sells all Ohio-grown produce, homemade sauces and soups, and really good meat… But they don’t sell soymilk, cereal, shedded cheese, stuff like that. So we always have to go to the EVIL grocery store. Whenever I go there I always feel such rage against the world… It makes you feel very trapped in this system, and especially after watching Food, Inc and reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, that is not where I want to be.

This time, my mom came with me. We brought our reusable bags…

This is really a whole other post, but... Me disliking feeling like a billboard + Dad disliking foreign cars + one giant permanent marker = this.

Since I’ve of course been talking up a storm about organic foods, Mom decided to be very loving and supportive and buy as much organic food as we possibly could. My soymilk. The beans. The cereal, the meats. The granola bars, peanut butter, pasta and frozen veggies. We checked out and used a total of ZERO plastic bags (Cashier: “Would you like me to put this meat in a plastic bag?” Mom: “Would you like my daughter to have a heart attack?”) Everything was more expensive, of course, but once we read the labels we realized that the food we were getting was mostly made with less and healthier ingredients. The peanut butter was made with (shocker) Peanuts. That was all. The applesauce was made from Apples and Water. Though I knew Mom was not exactly happy about the higher prices, she was still very, very nice and supportive of me and decided to just go with it. Thanks, Mommy!

We left the Evil Grocery feeling actually victorious. I didn’t feel as trapped. Of course it wasn’t perfect (I would prefer all-local, too, but we take it step by step) but we felt like we were thumbing our noses at the system. We didn’t need the big, evil store or the big, evil companies that were trying to make us eat clones and chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients. “Better open a window, cuz somebody just got BURNED!” Oh yeah.

So that was our day. I’m very proud of Mom for being so adventurous. <3

And while we’re on the topic of thumbing our noses at the system, on Friday we were out gallivanting around town after our dentist appointments (I am already growing wisdom teeth, which is not supposed to happen until age 18. I said I must be very wise for my age). We stopped to grab a bite and the lady at the register was all, “Oh, is school out already?” (It was like, noon.) We were like, “uh… sure….” But now I’m wondering why people feel this uncontrollable need to ask me why I’m not “in school”. Do you ask adults why they’re not at work? Is school supposed to be my life or something? So, next time I get asked that question I’m just gonna say, “Nah. I cut classes again today.” Now THAT will freak people out GOOD. Hahaha. Hilarious. The best part is when they look at you like they can’t decide if you’re joking or not. 

Breaking out of the system is not only good for you, it’s FUN. :D

Till the cardboard boxes,


5 thoughts on “Thumbing Our Noses

  1. crescendocroise

    This was sooo sooo funny! I laughed through the whole thing! Thanks so much, Pen, for the great laugh! And.. I just learned about a new tradegy to the fruits… The farmers pick un-ripened fruit. They then expose the fruit to a hormone (in gas form) called ethylene. This gas is made from crude oil and other un-natural ingrediants… This hormone ripens the fruit. This way the fruit ripens much faster… Yuck! Organic farmers, however, do not use it…. thank goodness! Organic food rocks!!!! Yay organic milk!!

    Tholwen Dernhelm

    1. pen2sword

      Bleh, hormones. Organic milk for the win (and for hyperness)! Although I am starting to think it’s really you guys that make me hyper and not the milk… hmm…

  2. I got sort of fed up with Food, INC. It annoyed me no end, esp. since my dad’s career is tied to the food industry. While I support your choice, I just will stick with growing my own veggies.

    1. pen2sword

      I don’t mean that everyone tied into the current food industry is bad; it’s certainly not the fault of individual people, more like the bad eating habits we have all over the country.
      Someday I would like to grow my own food, too. Then I wouldn’t have to go to the depressing store at all. ;)

      BTW… so, you are Kestrel, right?

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