Using Resources Wisely. Or, I went Garbage Pickin’ Today!

Yup, that’s the Girl Scout way. Part of the promise is to use resources wisely and today I put that to work. Mom and I took Grandma Vegas out to eat, then dropped her off. A few houses down from my grandma’s, there was a treelawn with a bunch of old, broken lattice fencing waiting to be picked up by the garbage men… or me! I’ve been needing fencing material for my compost heap (Lily and Daisy wopuld have a lot of fun eating everything I put in it if they had access), and my ever-expanding garden.
Mom: “Well, let’s get it then.”
Grandma: “Uh… it’s broken.”
Me: “it’s free!” (Not only am I eco-friendly, I’m flat broke.)

Grandma tried to argue, but we just dropped her off at her house. “It’s not garbage picking, it’s reusing. You can watch if you want.”

She and Grandpa sat on the porch as Mom and I drove a few houses down, parked at the curb, and opened the trunk. We put down all the seats. Glanced back at Grandma. She was still watching, though she kept glancing away, perhaps pretending she wasn’t paying attention. Mom and I selected the best pieces of fencing and proceeded to load them into the van.
Mom: “I dare you…”
Me: “HI, GRANDMA!” (waving)

She did not wave back. In fact, she very quickly turned her head. No, no, I don’t know those two crazy trash-pickers over there.

Getting the second piece of fencing into the car was hard, since it was bulky, big, and had rusted nails poking out all over. Neither grandparent offered help. In fact, they pointedly turned their heads in the complete opposite direction and stared down the shrubs next door. Mom and I finished up, waved once more, and drove away victorious.

Do I get a new patch now? ;)



3 thoughts on “Using Resources Wisely. Or, I went Garbage Pickin’ Today!

  1. Brother Francis

    As a veteran garbage picker, I can relate to Grandma’s reaction. I usually make somebody else do it. Go GREEN!!!

    Brother Francis

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