a random post interlaced with exclamation points and gloomy poetry

Well. (You know, once someone pointed out to me that every time I launch into a long story/anecdote/explanation, I begin with “well”. Odd habit I suppose.)

 The rain has gone away for now, and I’ve been enjoying frequent bike rides. I thought it would be a good idea, like to build up endurance and flexibility for dance, but despite my best efforts, after two days of dance classes my hamstrings are shot. And my toes are practically sprained from toestands. I guess I have to go barefoot/moccasins till they heal. Oh the pain! The agony! ;)

Dad finally threw away the old awnings that’ve been sitting behind our garage since John Adams was president, so I cleared out that area for my compost heap. So much trash and small trees and disgusting bugs back there. But it was worth it, because now my compost is all nicely fenced in (with the garbage-picked fence) and raring to go. Grandma Vegas thinks compost is gross. I think it’s cool. My mom thinks nothing of it as long as she doesn’t have to look at it. Today someone told me that in Canada, you have to compost your stuff, and they give you convenient little bins (with plastic that is actually biodegradable) and then they pick it up once a week, and trash only every other week. See, people? I told you I would love Canada! Speaking of cool places, watch this.

And then  of course there’s my spinach that is still abundant and tasty, and tomorrow will be my first radish harvest!! I’m excited that my garden is turning out so well this first year. Also, my acorn squash has suddenly grown huge golden flowers that will open any day now. Acorn squash recipies, here I come!

Then of course I got two new library books (Sisters Grimm Book 8, finally!!!), watched Miss Marple (“A Pocket Full of Rye”), ate cake, learned how to do laundry, and basically had a pretty good time.

Except I really, really wish I could get outside more. Unfortunately, with Mom working, I’m stuck indoors or in the backyard until one or more of my parents comes home. But I did get paid for some extra babysitting I did, which was kind of a happy surprise, because I’m not broke anymore! Woo! And tomorrow we are going to see Toy Story 3, in 2-D (super ultra XD 3D Googly-Eyes or whatever its called makes Mom ill), don’t know if I will like this movie or not, but w/e. We shall see.

I just realized that I have been using way too many exclamtion points. Have I gone mad? (“I’m afraid so. Completely bonkers.” Guess what movie I’ve watched four times already?) 

(OHMYSTARSPLEASEDONTSHOOTME gosh Dodge’s new Nerf gun is loud and, um, shooty? Shooty is the only way I can describe it with only part of my brain working properly. Why must my peace and quiet be so disturbed?? “Hearken thee, ere voice of dread/with bitter tidings laden…” springs to mind every time Dodge says, “Hey, me and Poncho are gonna have a dart war”).

On that note…

“…and summon to unwelcome bed/a melancholy maiden/we are but older children dear/who fret to find our bedtimes near.”  And mine is near, but it’s my literal bedtime, I promise!

Crud. Another exclamation point. I must be hyper from too much cake.

Yours till the horse flies,


2 thoughts on “a random post interlaced with exclamation points and gloomy poetry

  1. crescendocroise

    Yay for compost!!!! Alas! Our spinach is history! But we have baby green bell peppers!! This was a funny post!

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