I Just Wanna Drive

So Monday started my first driver’s ed class. Completely overwhelming just to sit there for four hours, watch cheesy dead-people movies, and take notes from an overhead projector. It was like being back in regular school! Horrible! And, as Dad said, “That teacher’s a birdbrain.” Which she is. One minute she’s talking about driving at night and the next thing you know she’s saying something about how much it costs to get a deer’s whole body taxidermied and, if the deer flies through your windshield, you might get “dilapidated.”
It took incredible self-control not to say, “I’m not an old building! It’s decapitated!” And also to not mention the incorrect use of apostrophes everywhere, and when she says things like “more braver.”
I digress. 

Luckily, after the first day, it wasn’t so overwhelming and I now just want to get it over with. Halfway there, thank goodness. Ironically, I was talking to someone about driver’s ed and they were saying why they didn’t want to take it. Reason number one was because the driving place near them is taught by a retired clown. (Yes, I am being completely serious.) Reason number two (getting to the irony here): “You also find out you live close to a bunch of weirdos”. Well, howdy do! Some kid got kicked out of class for messing up the textbook and suspected smoking in the bathroom. Then he and his mom had it out with the teacher while the rest of us pretended to watch a movie that was clearly made in the 80’s (the legwarmers and the dinner-plate glasses were dead giveaways).

I guess I forgot what it’s like to sit and take notes all day. It takes quite a toll on my normally more active body (after the first day my legs were quite sore) and it makes me tired and just want to stay home all day doing nothing. Bleh. I just want it over with. That one part of “Scenic Route” keeps playing through my head… “I just wanna driiiiiiiive, yeah, I just wanna driiive.” I don’t want to do schooly stuff. The plus side is this is another sign that is telling me, “Pen, get your driver’s license and your GED and then you won’t have to do this school stuff any more!” Yep. Just a few more hoops to jump through and then I’ll be free. I don’t need no education. (Though I must say, they really ought to have used “any”; using double negative like that just proves that they do, actually, need an education. Though of course education isn’t the same thing as school. Eh, whatever. All in all it’s just another brick in the wall. ;) )

Yours till the steering wheels,


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