Free At Last

Yesterday was my LAST day of driving school!!! Yay!! Freedom!!!!! I passed the dumb driving school test and everything and now I don’t have to ever ever ever ever go back there and watch more drunk driving videos (which are very blood-and-gore and made me scared to drive… really helpful, driving school. Because being scared is really going to make me a great driver. Plus it was insulting how every single drunk/impaired driving video made the teen the drunk, not the person trying to avoid a drunk. So that shows what they think of me… Adultism at work. Yeah, I’m a teen so I’m the stupid one, even though my adult teacher says “car-eeming” and uses apostrophes on plural word’s like that).


Now that that’s over…. Finally, my life can go back to normal!! Waking when I want to, doing what I want to, and finally getting around to doing all the things I had to put on hold. Like Apricotpie. And the Quill Fellowship (sorry!). I think I will soon post the end of White Funeral, and hopefully no one will want to grind my bones to make their bread due to the extremely long wait. The end was hard to write! And I still have to edit. I didn’t edit any of the other parts but this one is special. I want it to end the right way, you know? and not have to add an epilogue (bleh).

Oh, by the by, I had a really weird dream in which my bonsai crassula became the size of an “actual” tree, and it was still inside the house, and I discovered that ants were boring into its trunk to drink its sap. Then I had to kill giant ants (that were the size of dogs). I think I’ve been worrying about those vampire bugs more than I thought I was. They killed all my basil despite my best attempts. I am terrified that they moved on to my beautiful tree. Oh, and Eliza, Steph, and Bug were all in my dream too. Mostly Bug (for some reason we always appear in each other’s dreams). And Bug and I got our noses pierced in the dream. (Which I assure you I would never do in real life!!)

Bizarre. But humorous.

Now I am off to have a writing and gardening day… Au revoir!

Yours till the sun flowers,

PS: Happy anniversary to Bethesda!!


2 thoughts on “Free At Last

  1. well horrah for you Pen! you writing the end already??????? please post it soon…….but I don’t want White Funeral to end. cheers to happy anniversary!

    (the Fellowship is waiting….) (oh, and guess what? the mouse pad on the laptop is working! strange)

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