And the red cloaks of market girls

So, Dad finally took me to the Market!!
I was completely overwhelmed. We bought meat from his friend, and produce from this nice Arab lady, which was all very good and dandy but I think I’ll be trying a different market next week as well, because the stuff at the WS Market was actually… confusing as to whether or not it was local/organic, whereas this Lakewood one is all-local for sure. Sigh.
But seeing the Market was amazing. The building is so old and cool!! And there was so much stuff there, so many people. The produce people shout at you “We have this! We have that!” and it kind of intimidated me which is how I ended up buying from the nice lady because she was just like, “What are you looking for? Can I help you?” And her kids were fighting over customers (“Just because they smile at you does not make them your customer!”) Then Dad and I went home and ate popsickles in the dark, dusty house, the whirr of fans everywhere. We have no air conditioning, which I secretly don’t mind, but the rest of family hates it. I see it as an excuse to go hang out at the DHF’s house (and their community pool!).

But then yesterday…

I got my temps!! YAY!!
Mom took me to a parking lot that evening and showed me how to turn on the car, adjust the seat, use gas and brake, steer, and put it in gear. Then we practiced going forward/backward, stopping (very awkward at first, I think I gave Mom whiplash, but by the end I had it under control), and even turning. So, looking forward to more of that. It was actually fun and not scary!! And I passed the test easily even though I was really dumb on the eye thing because I didn’t realize I was supposed to notice the little blinky lights in my peripheral, I thought that was just the machine being on, but then the guy kept saying, “No, look around, can’t you see flashing lights?” And then I got herded through paperwork and into a little booth where they took my picture, in which I look weird/sleepy. What. Ever. I can finally learn to drive.

Tis all for the personal life. It’s hot. I need good books. The end.



I got my temps!!! Woo!!
Mom (Dad is at camp, ha ha, he has to wait to drive with me) took me to a parking lot and


4 thoughts on “And the red cloaks of market girls

  1. crescendocroise

    Yay Pen!!!! I am sooo excited that you got your temps!! When I put on the brakes the car jerked hard too! I understand completely!

    1. pen2sword

      it’s from The Lady of Shallott… “There the river eddy whirls/ And there the surly village churls/ And the red cloaks of market girls/ Pass onward from Shalott.” I do have a red cloak though, hah. Next time I go…

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