It’s hot.
Which of course has made me all philosophical and agitated. I need some serious writing time.

Speaking of writing, I am almost done with part ten of White Funeral. I’ve been scared of ending it for a while. Every single attempt I wrote before ended up being too cheesy. Then I woke up in the middle of the night several days ago with a better idea of how to end the thing. Thank goodness.

Speaking of the middle of the night (the sun was shining on the sea/shining with all its might… as you can see, the heat also makes me hyper and random. Poor Dodge has been putting up with me all day like this…anyway…) I had a weird dream about a giant prison, strange people, my old parish, and the Pope. There is really no other word but weird. But it did make me wonder again: Say you were going to be killed for the faith, okay? But then along comes some random circumstance that would allow you to escape. Should you try to escape or not? Well, the dream wasn’t actually about that, but it came to mind. Again. I’ve wondered about it before. I looked in Mom’s chatechism book and it gives me no definite answer. Not that I will probably end up in that situation anyway.

Blehhh. Mom is calling me to clean something. The heat + getting interrupted every time I try to write + no good books to read + my bedroom being messy + boys acting rowdy = me being crabby, big-time.


Btw, Quickpress actually worked. wow.

Grouchily yours,

PS: Mom, I am still anti-AC. Sorry. But I will add that I’m also now anti-humidity.


4 thoughts on “bleh.

  1. crescendocroise

    I’m so sorry about the heat!! Humidity is the worst! It makes everything wood sticky.. our kitchen chairs and the floor get sooo sticky!!!
    I do not like the AC either… its too artificial…. you are no longer connected to the outdoors..Hope you cool down soon!!!

  2. Francis

    Pen, I believe I may have an answer for your dilemma, in case you are ever facing the hangman and a hidden trapdoor is spoted beneath you and someone slips you the key. Take it. Take the key, open the door and run as fast as you can. You see, human life is precious and must always be protected. Human life is precious because every human life images God in the communion of the body and soul and in the communion of man and woman, and in the faculties of our intellect or our capacity to reason, our ability to choose the good, but I digress because if I go on, I will miss the point I was trying to make. I will cut to the chase. As images of God, we have a duty to protect any human life that is threatened and that includes our own. It is a grand, noble, supreme act of love to die for our faith in union with Christ who died for us, but we are not to martyr ourselves. One of my favorite stories is St. John of the Cross who was thrown in prison with no end to his confinement. The moment he saw a way to escape he hightailed it out of there and made his way to his friend’s place, the convent of St. Teresa of Avila. Another example is St. Thomas Moore who used his wit and wisdom to save his life from the wildly foolish King Henry while remaining faithful and true to his Lord Jesus until finally the deceit of others backed him right up to the man with the black hood and a very sharp ax. So the lesson is: Let’s die for our faith, but lets not be the ones wielding our own demise…..Peace, Pen. Stay cool!

    1. pen2sword

      Thanks! That is what I would have thought… Good to hear it coming from you, though, all well-explained and everything. :)

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