Reporting Live from the DHF’s!

We are internet-less at my house because the internet box broke. :( So I’m writing this quick dispatch from the DHFs’ house!! I am waiting for them to get back from their dance lesson.. Following a day of making rosary bracelets. Also my Grandpa Vegas took me to the Lakewood Farmer’s Market earlier today, which may I say was wayyyy better than the West Side Market. Less variety, but no one was shouting at me and I knew it was all local. So, that was sucessful. Plus everything was a good price (13 ears of corn for 5 bucks, and they were picked this morning!).

My before-end-of-summer-to-do list is coming along as well. I can’t believe Mom is already thinking about school. Luckily I don’t have to buy new notebooks or anything, I’m just reusing from last year… So what I need to get ready for now is the county fair. Lots of stuff to do for that! Bread making, dress-finishing, watercoloring, gardening. Yay! Summer is awesome. Even though it’s still hot. Blarg. But at least the evenings are nice. Actually it’s very peaceful here. I was sitting out on the front porch, admiring the DHF’s hard sanding work, thinking, pondering, listening to the cicaidas. I stared at their sunflower. I watched a few birds that hopped into the yard, apparently not noticing me. This summer I have discovered the art of sitting still and having stillness inside as well, stillness in my thoughts so that I can actually enjoy the twilit sky and the warm breeze, not have a hundred thousand thoughts running wild through my head. Being still is becoming increasingly important in my days…

Well, Mom calls. Tis all for now.

Much Love,


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